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There is officially a bun in one of music’s most popular ovens.

Following several weeks of rumors stating that Cardi B was pregnant with her first child, the beloved musician turned this chatter into a reality…

… and she did so on television’s biggest stage.


Cardi B on SNL
Photo via NBC

Cardi B performed the track "Be Careful" yesterday evening, doing so in a form-fitting white gown that accentuated her belly.

And there’s very clearly a baby growing inside of it. How exciting!

The reveal was a conscious decision by Cardi B because she hid her form under a voluminous feathered frock during her first appearance as the show’s musical guest last night.

“I’m finally free,” the singer then said in a video posted on social media following her "Be Careful" rendition, alluding to the months of hiding amid widespread speculation about her pregnancy.

As you can see below, Cardi is very far along.

Gotta at least be in her second trimester.

Cardi B Baby Bump
Photo via NBC

This is just a guess on our part, as the musician has not announced a due date.

Nor has she told us which gender the child will be.

But we do know the father is Offset, a rapper in the group Migos who has three kids via previous relationships.

“Cardi and I look forward to our next chapter together,” Offset Tweeted shortly after his bride-to-be’s bump-revealing performance.

Oh, yes, the stars are engaged!

Cardi B Pregnant
Photo via NBC

Cardi B, who also hates paying taxes, had taken to wearing sort of ridiculous outfits to shield the public from her pregnancy.

She had even previously responded to the speculation on Instagram, writing to one online troll,:

"No bitch I’m just getting fat. Let me fat in peace."

Turns out, she was lying. But for an understandable reason.

Cardi B on a Stage
Photo via Getty

Check out Cardi’s baby bump in the following video…

… and join us in wishing the superstar nothing but the best!

We’re so very happy for Cardi B and Offset!