Jenelle Evans Uses the R-Word on TikTok, Gets SLAMMED By Followers

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There are some words you just never use -- unless you're some sort of hateful bigot.

Jenelle Evans, of course, is a hateful bigot, but she's a bigot who's trying to rebuild her career and avoid getting a real job.

Jenelle Evans In Gucci

So you'd think she would steer clear of these forbidden words.

But it's important to remember that Evans is not very bright, and her contempt for people who are different from her is so powerful that it might supersede her desire to land another cushy media job that requires no actual work.

Case in point -- Jenelle's latest TikTok video.

Jenelle Can Count

Maybe it's because she's realized her career in America is over, and now she's tryiing to blow up in China.

Or maybe she likes that the platform's audience is so young they might not remember her most appalling atrocities.

Whatever the case, Jenelle freakin' loves TikTok, dude.

Jenelle Loves TikTok

Evans' TikTok dance videos have become the stuff or internet legend, largely because many people didn't realize they were capable of experiencing such intense second-hand embarrassment.

Unfortunately, Jenelle also posts videos in which she tries to be intentionally funny by lip-syncing to audio from other posts.

Earlier this week, she posted a clip in which she mimicked Cardi B, and as much as do not want to hear about Jenelle's WAP, that would have been preferable to what she actually posted.

Jenelle Apologizes on TikTok

"I know for a fact that y'all think I'm r--arded, and the crazy s--t is that I am, I am. I really am," she pretended to say in the video.

After being bombarded with criticism in her comments section, Jenelle deleted the clip and posted a very unconvincing apology.

“I’m sorry for using the R word and sorry if I offended anyone," she said.

Jenelle Is Sorry, Dude

“I deleted that Tik Tok. It was a trend and I wasn’t thinking," she said.

Not surprisingly, fans were not buying Jenelle's attempt to make things right.

"She’s not sorry [and] just trying to deflect from the situation," one follower commented.

Jenelle Apologizes

"What a fake ass apology from bloat face," another wrote.

“Now that is a narcissist’s apology if I ever did see one, WOW,"  third added.

"You don't use that word. The fact you do shows exactly the kind of person you are," a fourth chimed in.

Jenelle Evans Instagram Live

It's true -- that word simply should not be used in a derogatory fashion by anyone, under any circumstances.

But it's obvious that Jenelle is incapable of learning from her mistakes.

Her husband, David Eason, was fired by MTV for hurling slurs on social media.

Jenlle and David Celebrate Three Years

Now Jenelle is doing the same thing as she struggles to rebuild her career.

By all accounts, Evans is broke, and since she would never deign to get a real job, weaseling her way back into the spotlight is her only hope.

But while she should be on an apology tour, instead, she's posting corny, try-hard attempts to be "edgy."

Jenelle Launches a Website

The situation is a reminder that Jenelle is a bigot through and through.

It's also a reminder that she never had the charisma or media savvy for a career in television.

Here's hoping she'll slink back into obscurity sooner rather than later.


I’m sorry for the Tik Tok I made earlier. I was just copying the rest of the internet! Since a lot got offended I deleted it. SORRY! 😫🤦🏻‍♀️

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