Larissa Lima Claps Back at Elizabeth Potthast: Stop Shaming Strippers!

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This week, we all saw Part 1 of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All special for Season 5.

There, Elizabeth seemed to shame Larissa for her online sex work. Now, Larissa is clapping back.

Larissa Lima in September 2020

At Part 1 of the Tell All, the cast relived the moment when Angela Deem exploded at Michael Ilesanmi -- one of many times -- shortly before their wedding.

The two had gone out to a club -- and Michael explained that his friend had picked the venue.

Angela accused him of what we'd like to call "eye crimes and misdemeanors" ... that is, having the audacity to glance at a dancing woman who was not his fiancee.

Angela Deem - you look, you look, you have a good time

Angela admitted to still being bitter about her now-husband possessing functioning eyes.

(It's good that she's being honest about her feelings, but sometimes the way that she treats Michael is unfair)

As is often the case at the Tell Alls, Shaun Robinson polled some other couples to hear their thoughts on the situation.

Larissa Lima at the Tell All - I don't mind because ...

"Would you mind if Eric got a lap dance in front of you in a strip club?” Shaun asked Larissa Lima, who was sitting beside boyfriend Eric Nichols at the time.

“I don’t mind," Larissa revealed, "because the girls just care about the men’s money."

Sex work in all of its various forms is, well, work. Clients may imagine that it's really about them, but at the end of the day, it's a job. Lapdances are just customer service.

Larissa Lima Receives a Birthday Kiss from Eric

It's kind of funny that Shaun asked this, because this is not actually a hypothetical situation.

At Larissa's birthday party last year, she and Eric were surrounded by strippers -- because the party was held at a gentlemen's club.

It was the same venue as Larissa's divorce party earlier that year.

Larissa Lima Birthday Party: The Money Shot

"So," Larissa reasoned, "they are not doing a lap dance on Eric because they think he’s handsome."

Eric is certainly a handsome dude, but that will only occassionally lead to lapdances.

"It’s just about money," she concluded.

Larissa Lima at the Tell All - it's not because he's handsome

At this point, Elizabeth Potthast decided to weigh in, using a disparaging tone.

"She would know because she’s a f–king stripper,” Libby commented with a dismissive air.

This was, as we noted in our thorough recap, a reminder that some fans have gotten the vibe that Elizabeth may not be an especially good person at heart.

Elizabeth Potthast at the Tell All - well she would know

"Shut up!" Larissa replied with a somewhat playful tone. "The girls make [a lot of] money."

Eric added: “He would be there." The implication was that Andrei would enjoy being at a strip club if Larissa worked there.

"No," Elizabeth retorted beside a grinning Andrei, "he would not."

Elizabeth Potthast at the Tell All - no he wouldn't

Now, Larissa is speaking to In Touch Weekly about Libby's apparent shaming of sex workers.

She says that she finds it "very tragic" that her castmate "feels the need to degrade women."

Larissa declares: “I respect anybody who goes to work to make a better future for themselves and their family.”

Andrei Castravet - we'll see what they have to say

It's hard to say if Larissa is speaking solely of the dignity of sex work in general ... or if she is also making a not-so-subtle dig at Libby's husband, Andrei.

Andrei famously does not work outside of reality television, multiple times declaring his intention to find a job only to refuse extremely generous offers because of his pride and ego.

Now Andrei might make a hell of a stripper, or at least make a killing on OnlyFans if he joins the ranks of numerous castmates. Just saying.

Andrei Castravet disrobes while his friends body-shame him???

Larissa has been an outspoken supporter of sex workers, imploring her fans as far back as March of 2019 to not disparage the strippers at her divorce party.

Seeing how lucrative the career could be helped to inspire Larissa to undergo the cosmetic surgeries that she felt that she needed to have done in order to be happy with her body.

Since then, she has signed up for OnlyFans and raked in $100,000 for CamSoda with a one-hour, very tame livestream.

Larissa Lima at the Tell All - the girls make high money

Unfortunately, it was that same CamSoda stream, in which she became one of the site's Top 5 performers, that got her fired by TLC.

Still, Larissa and Eric are making their new life in Colorado Springs.

We can be sure that we haven't seen or heard the last of Larissa. We hope that Elizabeth will put out a thorough apology for her tone ... but we won't hold our breath.

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