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Jenelle Evans has essentially made a career out of embarrassing herself.

The decisions she makes, the losers she marries, the corny personas and fake accents she tries on to impress said losers — it’s all entertaining in an extremely cringey way, which is why Jenelle has remained on TV for most of the past decade.

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But these days, Ms. Evans-Rogers-Eason is at a crossroads in her career.

As she revealed this week, Jenelle will not be returning to Teen Mom 2, and will no longer be under contract with MTV as of April 1.

She says she’s hopeful about working out a deal with another network, but that seems — unlikely.

After all, Jenelle is more than just embarrassing.

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She’s also an abusive bigot who repeatedly put her children in harm’s way and once wished death on an active duty soldier.

We’re living in an age when people get canceled for a single poorly-worded tweet ,and Jenelle thinks with her past, she’s just gonna walk into a WeTV series with no complications or boycotts.

And what does all this have to do with Jenelle’s lame-ass dance videos, you ask?

Well, then you’re this hard-up for cash, you don’t do anything without some sort of angle.

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And Jenelle’s angle here is playing up her harmlessly embarrassing side as part of her effort to get people to forget about the abuse, the addictions, the child endangerment, and the death-wishing.

"Just having fun! Jace introduced me to #TikTok and he challenged me to the #renegade soooo I had to do it like the rest of the Internet," Jenelle captioned her latest clip.

See? She’s just having fun!

And she did it because her kid (who lives in a different state) challenged her to do it!

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Jenelle stopped just short of writing, "I’m just a regular mom having fun on the Internet y’all! Now gimme a TV show so I don’t have to get a real job!"

Some followers are falling for the con, but thankfully, many are calling Evans out on her BS — and her horrendous dance moves.

"Yikesssssssssssss I cringed so damn hard," one person commented.

"Please stop," several others remarked.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.