Bridezillas Exclusive Clip: Did Ruby Just Create Groomzilla?!?

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Bridezillas has only been back on the air for a month, and we think it's fair to say the drama has been off the charts. 

The new season has had a bride kicking a kid's bicycle, a bride walking down the street with curlers in her hair yelling into her phone, and a bride throwing her wedding cake to the ground. 

It's hard to believe that things are only going to get crazier as this hit WeTV series continues and we have an exclusive clip to prove it. 

Ruby on Bridezillas

Ruby and Joe form one of two couples who will be appearing on Friday's episode, and there's a big issue as the wedding day kicks off:

Joe has not had his haircut, and Ruby is freaking the hell out about it.

During scenes that all but confirm the best drama is cooked up from reality TV, Ruby takes drastic action to try and get her man to change his mind and have his hair cut. 

"I get married at 6 pm, and my stress level is really close to a ten," Ruby says while waving a tiara as the clip begins. 

"Right now, I'm really worried about Joe's f-----g hair. I will make it look so horrible that he has to get his haircut."

On the surface, it may seem like an empty threat, but Ruby legit struts into the bedroom and shaves a chunk of Joe's hair off as he sleeps. 

Talk about a rude awakening. 

"Are you f-----g kidding me?" Joe yells as he realizes that his hair is all over his pillow. 

Joe on Bridezillas

From that point, things take a comical turn (serious for Joe!) when Ruby says that an appointment has been made for Joe to have his hair fixed. 

"She f-----g shaved my damn side of my head. I don't even know if it's fixable. Like, she went too far," Joe says to the audience as a sad-faced emoji appears on the screen. 

"I'm like this close," he says, before confirming that him "not showing up" at the wedding is actually a possibility. 

Oh yes, this is going to be a fun episode!

Watch the full clip below. 

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