Cardi B: Pregnant With First Child?!

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Break out the non-alcoholic Dom Perignon because Cardi B is celebrating for two!

Yes, the new queen of hip-hop is pregnant with her first child, this according to a report published today by TMZ.

Cardi B on the Red Carpet

The outlet claims that news of Cardi's pregnancy was first revealed by one of her handlers during a Super Bowl weekend concert.

The rapper performed at several events in the days leading up to the big game, and she reportedly declined all invitations to party with other A-listers.

At one concert, organizers encouraged Cardi to make use of the backstage VIP room.

One of her reps declined the invite on Cardi's behalf, stating that Ms. B would prefer to avoid "party atmospheres," as she's currently 3 to 4 months pregnant.

Seems like it would've been much easier to just say "no thanks," but what do we know?

Cardi B & Offset Image

Cardi is engaged to Offset, one-third of the hip-hop trio Migos.

The artists have experienced their share of rough patches - mostly due to rumors of Offset cheating on Cardi - but several media outlets are already reporting that he's the father.

At first, both parties were silent on the matter, which of course only added to speculation that the TMZ report is legit.

On Tuesday, however, Cardi took to social media to deny the rumor with her signature brand of self-effacing candor:

"No bitch I'm just getting fat. Let me fat in peace," she wrote.

Cardi B in Many Colors

As Cardi experts (or Cardiologists, as we like to call them) already know, it's been a big week for the 25-year-old emcee.

For one there was another round of rumors that she and Offset have called it quits thanks to a number of cryptic tweets posted by Cardi.

("Crying over a boy??? While the sun is shining???? Bitch get it together," read one tweet. Frankly, we think it's just more of Cardi's signature sass.)

On the flip side of the gossip coin, snowboarder Chloe Kim was reportedly listening to a song by Cardi during her gold medal run in Pyeongchang.

Needless to say, Cardi's reign continues unabated, so we guess it's not hard to see why fans are so eager to see her bring a little B into the world.

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