Maci Bookout: SLAMMED By Fans After Claiming Javi Marroquin Has Cancer ... For No Reason at All!!

Maci Bookout Ripped By Fans For Sharing Random, False Javi Marroquin Post

Maci Bookout has received a fair amount of criticism in recent weeks - and for once, the critics are completely in the right.

You see, despite the fact that Maci and husband Taylor McKinney rake in nearly $1 million annually from their "work" on Teen Mom OG and have been supplementing that income with their Things That Matter clothing line, the couple still seems to be desperate for cash.

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Kailyn Lowry: Lauren Comeau Cheated on Javi!

Kailyn Lowry: Lauren Comeau Cheated on Javi!

Most reality shows begin to run out of steam after a few seasons, and if they beat the odds and make it to the decade mark, they're usually on life support by that time.

But the Teen Mom franshise is an exception to the rule, and that's primarily because of people like Kailyn Lowry.

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