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Javi Marroquin’s days on Teen Mom 2 may have come to an end, but the ex-husband of Kailyn Lowry still enjoys a rather sizable following on social media.

Javi already wasn’t appearing on the show very often, but now that Lowry has quit, you can be sure he won’t be returning to MTV.

In fact, Teen Mom 2 has effectively been canceled along with Teen Mom OG so that the casts could be combined for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin: Here's Why Fans Are Convinced They're Back Together!

So yeah, TV updates about Javi are almost certainly a thing of the past.

But fans are still receiving regular social media updates about Javi.

And many have been troubled by the latest reports regarding Kail’s ex.

“My only focus right now is creating healthy coparenting relationships with both Lauren and Kail for the sake of my boys and bettering myself,” Javi recently said. (Photo via Instagram)

As Starcasm first reported, the hashtag #PrayForJavi began circulating on Instagram and Twitter earlier this week.

Troublingly, those words were often paired with the photo below, which shows a battered Javi lying in a hospital bed.

For obvious reasons, there was widespread concern about the health and welfare of the father of two.

Fans have become worried for the welfare of Javi Marroquin. A new hashtag has sparked concerns. (Photo via WeTV)

Fortunately, it seems those fears were the product of a big misunderstanding.

The hashtag originated with a since-deleted Instagram Story about Javi and his pals partying in Las Vegas.

Depending on whom you believe, Javi either passed out, or was just extremely hungover.

Here’s Javi with one of his sons. (Photo via Instagram)

Either way, his condition prompted his friends to jokingly post the “#PrayForJavi” tag.

As for the photo of hospitalized Javi, it’s not fake, but it’s not exactly real, either.

The pic was part of a sort of therapeutic stunt that Javi and Kail participated in for the WeTV series Marriage Bootcamp.

Kail & Javi on Marriage Boot Camp
Kailyn and Javi on Marriage Boot Camp. (Photo via WeTV)

The title is a bit of a misnomer in this case, and the exes filmed the show long after they ended their marriage.

Anyway, at one point, the couples participated in an experiment in which they pretended that one of them was on their deathbed.

This required Kail to be locked in a fake hospital room, while Javi — who was decked out with fake bruises — lay before her hooked up to a fake ventilator.

Kail has done a lot of crying on TV over the year. (Photo via MTV)

At first, Lowry seemed resistant to the stunt, but she eventually broke down in tears.

Of course, that response might have had more to do with the psychological torture she was being forced to endure than with her feelings for Javi.

Not surprisingly, the show did not lead Kail and Javi to give their marriage a second chance.

Kailyn Lowry: I Knew I Never Should Have Married Javi Marroquin!
Kail and Javi in happier times. (Photro via Instagram)

Anyway, the important thing is that Javi is not currently in any danger, and there’s no immediate reason to pray for him.

Well, actually, you might want to pray for the dude to not cheat on his next partner, the way he’s cheated on most of the previous ones.

But that’s a decision you’re gonna have to make on your own.