Javi Marroquin Cheating Scandal: "Bathroom Lover" Identified, Attacked on Twitter

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Back in August, Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau broke up under messy circumstances. We're talking messy even by Teen Mom 2 standards.

As details of the split emerged, online we learned that Javi had been caught cheating on Lauren, to whom he is engaged and with whom he has a young son.

Adding insult to injury was the fact that Marroquin made little effort to conceal his infidelity.

Sequestering himself in the bathroom of his home with a willing young woman while Lauren slept upstairs, Javi was cheating under the same roof as the mother of his child.

For weeks, there were rumors about the identity of Javi's so-called "bathroom lover."

She was eventually identified as a single mom and a member of the Dover, Delaware CrossFit gym that's owned by Javi.

But for many Teen Mom fans, that wasn't enough.

They dug deeper - and they eventually unearthed more information than anyone expected them to find.

Take a look:

1. The Cheater

The Cheater
Javi Marroquin has now been accused of cheating by both his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, and his current fiancee, Lauren Comeau. In the case of the former, the details and accusations are murky. In the latter instance, however, he was caught red-handed.

2. Girl, Don't Do It!

Girl, Don't Do It!
(Yes, believe it or not, Javi and Lauren got back together after all this, following an estrangement that was so short it can barely be qualified as an estrangement. More on that later.)

3. Getting Down to Business

Getting Down to Business
According to accounts from insiders and eyewitnesses, Javi hosted a party for the members of his gym, and when Lauren went to bed, he promptly offered one of them a private workout, if ya know what we mean. We mean he was working her body. In a sexual manner.

4. Should've Locked the Door!

Should've Locked the Door!
Lauren apparently woke up, walked downstairs, and wandered into the bathroom at an inopportune time. It's unclear why dude would not lock the door given what he was apparently up to, but that's neither here nor there at this point in time.

5. Busted

Accounts vary as to what exactly the shocked Comeau walked in on, but those who were present for the fiasco claim that Javi's cheating partner was fully undressed when Lauren opened the door and saw her with her fiance.

6. Smart Move

Smart Move
Not surprisingly, Lauren stormed out of the house, taking Eli - her 1-year-old son by Javi - along with her. But not before there was a BLOWOUT fight in the Marroquin home as a result of this turn of events.

7. Yes, the Cops Got Involved

At one point, Javi's sister arrived on the scene hoping to remove Eli from the chaos. Javi called the cops when she refused to leave, which resulted in the 911 call that surfaced online and helped blow the lid off of this story.

8. Calling on Kail

Calling on Kail
Even Kailyn Lowry, Javi's ex-wife and one of the "Core Four" of MTV's Teen Mom 2, was dragged into the mess. Lowry revealed on her podcast that she received eight late-night phone calls the night of the fight, noting the irony that Javi wanted HER to help clean this ish up.

9. Troublemaker

So who caused all this chaos? Javi, plain and simple. But it takes two to do the naked tango, and this is 2019, meaning it was only a matter of time before the amateur sleuths of the internet discovered her identity ...

10. Meet Audrey

Meet Audrey
This is Audrey Greene. While we can't corroborate their claims, many in the Teen Mom community claim that she's the single mom who was caught hooking up with Javi.

11. The Backstory

The Backstory
According to the folks who did the digging, Audrey is a former friend of both Lauren and Javi - a fact that had to make it doubly painful for Lauren she walked in on her naked with him.

12. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
For obvious reasons, the three of them aren't exactly BFFs these days. Getting freaky in the shower with another girl while your fiancee is IN THE SAME HOUSE will take its toll on the best of friendships.

13. It Begins

It Begins
To our minds, there's only one person responsible for Javi's infidelity, and that's Javi. But due to her role as an accomplice, and the fact that she knows both Lauren and Javi - leaving no plausible deniability about their relationship status - Audrey is hearing it from the peanut gallery.

14. Going Off

Going Off
She's even being publicly shamed as a "homewrecker," which is a bit ridiculous since she was the single one in all of this. But double standards exist, and for reasons that aren't entirely clear, some Teen Mom fans have taken to bashing Audrey on social media.

15. Protecting Herself

Protecting Herself
As a result, the now-infamous Dover, Del., woman (who is also a single mom) has deactivated her Facebook page and made her tweets private.

16. We Really Don't Get It

We Really Don't Get It
The attack against the Greene Machine seems more than a little excessive, especially since even Lauren doesn't seem to be bothered by - or has at least moved on from - Javi's infidelity.

17. Third Time's the Charm

Third Time's the Charm
Yes, believe it or not, Javi, Lauren, and Eli are all living together again. She must have a very short memory or very low standards.

18. The Patience of a Saint

The Patience of a Saint
It's anyone's guess what led Lauren to give Javi another chance after two messy breakups, but it seems she was swayed by a public apology letter he posted on Instagram.

19. Corny Stuff

Corny Stuff
"Lauren, I'm sorry for my mistakes, I'm sorry I broke your heart, I'm sorry I disrespected you. I'm sorry I took you for granted. I could say sorry for a million other things but I'm sorry will never be enough," Marroquin wrote, ostensibly to Lauren, but also to his online followers.

20. "One Day" Came Fast

"One Day" Came Fast
Like the following week. "I hurt the one person that I love the most. I will do everything in my power to become a better man and hopefully one day you can forgive me. I'll do anything to have you home," he continued.

21. Role Model Material

Role Model Material
Turning his attention to his two sons, Javi wrote, "To my boys, my big dawg and my handsome man, I failed you as a father and failed at my attempt to show you both what it is to be a man." As a result, he vowed to longer bone other single moms in the bathroom of the home he shares with one of their mothers. Just kidding.

22. Little Late, Bro

Little Late, Bro
"I promise you both my actions will not reflect on how you will treat women, let alone the one you love. I vow, from this day forward, I will be the example," Marroquin went on, though he's got a lot of work to do with his actions to prove he can set the example he wants to.

23. Easily Convinced

Easily Convinced
Somehow, those words worked on Lauren, as she and Javi are fully back together. Maybe it's wishful thinking, or perhaps she's given him an ultimatum and he's determined not to mess this up.

24. Stepmom Duties

Stepmom Duties
Whatever it is, she's all-in. Comeau was even seen by Marroquin's side as he dropped off Lincoln, his son by Kail, for the boy's first day of school.

25. Make It Right

Make It Right
So now that all is well in Javi Land, maybe he and Lauren could tell the mob to back off Audrey Greene a bit, eh? Yes, she made a mistake here as well, but Marroquin could use a little good karma after putting her in that position.

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