Javi Marroquin Called the Cops After Lauren Comeau Caught Him Cheating! [UPDATED]

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Earlier this week, we reported on the shocking / not-shocking news that Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau ended their engagement.

The breakup itself wasn't the biggest surprise of all time (breakups do happen in this world), but we were a bit taken aback by the circumstances.

Given that Javi and Lauren had welcomed a son, bought a house together, and gotten engaged, all in the past year, that development was a whole lot to digest on its own.

But it also came on the heels of a blowout fight at the couple's home in Dover, Delaware, and the situation has become even more bizarre in the ensuing days.

We now know that Javi called 911 on his sister, not on Lauren, as many outlets initially reported.

And while Lidia Marroquin was clearly involved in the altercation somehow, one insider tells The Hollywood Gossip exclusively that it all started because Javi got caught cheating on Lauren.

Jump into the gallery below for our inside information on this increasingly messy situation - and the predictably hilarious way he responded to being outed moments ago.

UPDATE: Thanks to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, we now know exactly why Javi called the cops, and we've also identified Javi's cheating partner.

This story gets more ridiculous by the moment, folks! Let's get into it ...

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
It wasn't all that long ago that Lauren and Javi seemed destined for a lifetime of domestic bliss.

2. Blended Family

Blended Family
They welcomed their first child together back in November, and Lauren seemed to delight in her role as a second mom to Lincoln, Javi's son from his marriage to Kailyn Lowry.

3. All Falls Down

All Falls Down
But the family life that Javi and Lauren built for themselves came tumbling down this week, when the couple parted ways following an ugly altercation at their newly-purchased home.

4. Plot Twist

Fans were surprised when the 911 call from August 17 revealed that Javi requested a police presence in response to behavior from his sister, not from Lauren. We were equally thrown off at what may be the most chill 911 call of all time. Who calmly asks a dispatcher for help getting their equally calm sister out of their house? Something more had to be going on here.

5. The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter
Even though everyone who was there that night was relatively calm and collected and has been tight-lipped on the matter since, it seems that Javi became angry with Lidia either because she was siding with Lauren, or because she refused to leave his home until the tension had been defused.

6. The Cause

The Cause
So what started this apparently intense fight between Javi and Lauren? An argument so heated that the cops needed to get involved (or at least speak to them about it)?

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