Dancing With the Stars: Who Will Win Season 28?

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ABC scraped the bottom of the barrel while casting Dancing With the Stars Season 28. 

Some of the casting decisions are downright bizarre, but who will win the coveted Mirrorball Trophy?

That's the big question, and with a cast as random as this one, it really will come down to the wire. 

Weirdly, ABC decided against revealing who these celebrities are being paired up with -- presumably to get people to watch live. 

It's a weird decision for sure, and one that makes it difficult to forecast which of these celebrities will make it far. 

But that didn't stop us from rounding up how we think things will shake out. 

Scroll down and pick your favorite now!

Dancing With the Stars premieres Monday, September 16 at 8/7c. 

1. Sean Spicer - 300-1

Sean Spicer - 300-1
He wasn't very good at being the White House press secretary, and nothing about gives us much faith that he will make it far in the competition. Heck, his casting alone caused a social media frenzy, with many bashing the show for casting him. If the viewing audience continue to have an impact on the game, then look for this loser to get the boot. We're sure he'll have a press release ready to go in which he tries to spin the whole thing in his favor. It's what he does.

2. Lamar Odom - 40-1

Lamar Odom - 40-1
Lamar only seems to have success in the NBA. He can't hold down a successful relationship. Add in the fact that NBA players don't have the best track record in the ballroom. It will all come down to which returning pro he is paired with, but for now, don't expect much.

3. Ray Lewis - 35-1

Ray Lewis - 35-1
Ray has been outed as a liar, so it's hard to believe that this disgraced pro football player will garner much traction.

4. Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook - 30-1

Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook - 30-1
Sailor was a last-minute addition because her mother had to exit the series due to an injury during rehearsals. She's young and should do better than some of the others. But the jury is well and truly out on this one.

5. Kate Flannery - 25-1

Kate Flannery - 25-1
The Office remains as one of the most popular shows around thanks to the world of streaming. The fans will want to keep Kate in the competition -- even if she isn't cutting the right shapes. It's sad, but it's true. This series is a popularity contest.

6. Mary Wilson - 20-1

Mary Wilson - 20-1
Dancing With the Stars appeals to the older audience -- the ones who were probably around when the Supremes were a thing. That should keep Mary in the competitive loop for a while. But she will need to bring her A-game if she wants to make it to the end.

7. Kel Mitchell - 15-1

Kel Mitchell - 15-1
Will Kel be able to thrive without Kenan? That is the only question that feels necessary right about now.

8. Lauren Alaina - 10-1

Lauren Alaina - 10-1
Bobby Bones was a long-shot to win ahead of Season 27, but it seems his country fans voted for him to win like crazy. A similar thing could happen with Lauren Alaina. She could legitimately sit down for a whole performance and still get some votes.

9. James Van Der Beek - 7-1

James Van Der Beek - 7-1
Van Der Beek is still very popular -- over a decade after the conclusion of Dawson's Creek. The ten people who watched Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 know that he's a good cancer. Being popular and a good dancer should bode well for success.

10. Karamo Brown - 5-1

Karamo Brown - 5-1
Karamo is a popular reality personality. He's flexible, and will probably make it very far in the competition.

11. Ally Brooke - 4-1

Ally Brooke - 4-1
Brooke is part of Fifth Harmony -- a girl group known for rigorous dance moves. Her bandmate, Normani Kordei managed to finish in third place on Season 24. Ally should do well if she can get viewers to vote for her.

12. Hannah Brown - 2-1

Hannah Brown - 2-1
She single-handedly helped bring The Bachelorette back from lows in the ratings. ABC will reward her with a win -- even if she's terrible. We kid, mostly.

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