Vanderpump Rules: Has Anyone Else Heard Enough About Jax & Brittany's Wedding?

Vanderpump Rules: MORE Party-Planning Drama?!

There was a time when Vanderpump Rules was a breath of fresh air in the Bravo lineup.

Amid all the manufactured feuds between middle-aged one-percenters, here was a series about a group of struggling young people in the all-too relatable position of being uncertain what the future holds, or how they would make that month's rent.

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Billie Lee Quits Vanderpump Rules: I'm Sick of Working With Bullies!

Billie Lee: I QUIT Vanderpump Rules!

As it enters its eighth season, Vanderpump Rules is beginning to reach the point where most reality shows begin to show signs of age.

Producers have tried to combat this phenomenon by experimenting with new cast members, but thus far, the new additions haven't fared well -- and now, it seems another one has officially bitten the dust.

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Jax Taylor & James Kennedy Nearly Come to Blows on Vanderpump Rules Reunion!

Jax & James Nearly Come to Blows on Vanderpump Rules Reunion!

Reunion episodes are often as boring and superfluous as those recap talk shows that used to follow cultish TV dramas like The Walking Dead.

Fortunately, as several of them creep up on 40, the cast members of Vanderpump Rules remain so violently angry and pathologically narcissistic that they create an interesting hour of television just by rehashing old beefs and making Andy Cohen question his life decisions.

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Jax Taylor SLAMS Vanderpump Rules Producers: They're Making Me Look Like a Jerk!

Jax Taylor SLAMS Vanderpump Rules Producers!

For the first six seasons of the show's run, Jax Taylor was Vanderpump Rules' resident troublemaker.

He wasn't always the show's biggest villain -- that title often belonged to James Kennedy -- but no one stirred the pot quite as effectively as Jax.

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Jax Taylor: Caught Lying About His Military Service?

Jax Taylor: Caught Lying About His Military Service?

For seven seasons now, Jax Taylor has persistently confounded and baffled Vanderpump Rules viewers.

Sure, Jax might seem like an open book at first -- it's hard to drink that much and hold on to many secrets -- but it's important to bear in mind that Taylor is also a compulsive and unrepentant liar.

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Lala Kent Dumps Randall Emmett, Falls Back Into Boozing

Lala Kent Dumps Randall Emmett, Falls Back Into Boozing

A curious phenomenon has been taking place on the current season of Vanderpump Rules.

Against all odds, and seemingly against their inclinations, West Hollywood's most unrepentant hedonists are very slooooowly beginning to show signs of maturity.

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Ariana Madix: Did She Dump Tom Sandoval For Revealing She Hooked Up With Lala Kent?

Ariana Madix: Did She Dump Tom Sandoval?

Recent episodes of Vanderpump Rules have asked viewers to choose a side on a number of divisive issues:

Is Jax really ready to get married, or is he simply seeking comfort in the aftermath of his father's death?

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