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Earlier this month, Tori Spelling was dropping hints that she might be back with Dean McDermott.

Last year, the longtime pair’s marital troubles proved to be impossible to ignore.

Especially when Dean was missing from the family holiday card. Ouch!

This year, however, the card has a new conspicuous difference.

“It’s my favorite time of year!” Tori Spelling declared on Monday, November 21 in an Instagram post.

“And like every year,” she plugged, “ did it again.”

Tori went on: “And delivered on my favorite family tradition – custom holiday cards.”

“And this year is extra special,” Tori wrote.

She explained that 2022’s card is doubly blessed because “We’re ALL together!”

Tori continued with the obligatory plug: “Selecting this year’s fab design was fast and easy, and the selection was better than ever.” And so on. Obviously, this was some sort of promotional deal for the custom card service.

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Sure enough, the photo showed Tori and Dean, along with their five shared children.

That means 15-year-old Liam, 14-year-old Stella, 11-year-old Hattie, 10-year-old Finn, and 5-year-old Beau.

And Dean’s 24-year-old son, Jack Montgomery McDermott (son of Mary Jo Eustace), joined the family photo. Sweet!

Tori Spelling Holiday Card
Tori Spelling unveiled this holiday card in late 2021. Do you notice who is absent from it?

Meanwhile, the 2021 card had a decidedly different vibe.

We wouldn’t say that it had “big divorced energy.” It’s not Elon Musk. But the card definitely made Tori and Dean’s issues impossible to ignore.

Cropping your husband out of a photo is somehow less overt than taking photos and printing up cards without him. And yet Tori opted for the latter. Wow!

Tori Spelling and (four) kids at Lake Arrowhead - header crop 2022

And Tori took things one step further in late 2021. This photo shows her with her kids on vacation.

Their annual holiday season getaway did not feature Dean any more than the card did.

As much as she and Dean had both avoided announcing the details of their struggles to the world, they weren’t going overboard to hide it, either.

During the spring of 2021, Tori admitted in an interview that she and Dean were no longer sharing a bed.

Some married couples are happier that way. Tori cited their kids and pets as the reason.

But when the public began to spot her and Dean without their wedding bands … well, that’s harder to explain away.

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Reports attempted to shed light upon the marital issues. We heard claims that finances were once again taking a toll on their marriage.

Apparently, the family’s pets and the associated costs were a sticking point. Perhaps a straw that helped overburden the proverbial camel.

Tori and Dean were putting on a show for the kids for a while, reports said. But why didn’t they just divorce?

Tori Spelling in a Photo
Tori Spelling has not seemed happy in her marriage for a long time. That’s just our opinion.

Allegedly, they didn’t really have the funds to divorce.

First, actually breaking up would have meant one of them — likely Dean — finding a new home. That would not come cheap. Especially if he wanted to have room for all of the kids to visit at once.

And second, California has a six-month waiting period to finalize a divorce. Weird that the state imposes such lengthy waits on divorce but not on marriage. Point is, they couldn’t rush the process even if they could have afforded to.

Tori Spelling with the Gold Flakes

During that increasingly conspicuous period of troubles, maybe Tori and Dean had time to process their feelings.

Maybe they decided to give things another go. It sure looks like it. Either that, or they’re faking it until they make it.

It’s likely only a matter of time until they run into another rough patch. Not every marriage is easy.