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Christine Brown has yet another reason to smile.

The veteran Sister Wives star has been in a great mood for just about a year now, ever since she left her spiritual husband and moved back to her native state of Utah.

Christine is thrilled with this decision, that much has been clear for awhile.

Now, however, Christine can be thrilled about something far less controversial: The arrival of her twin grandkids!

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Christine Brown has twin grandkids! Say hello here to little Archer and Ace.

According to People Magazine, Mykelti Brown Padron and husband welcomed sons Archer Banks Padron and Ace McCord Padron on Thursday, November 17.

(The couple is also parents to daughter Avalon Asa, whom they met for the first time in April 2021.)

Per this same outlet, Archer arrived at 10:54 a.m., weighing 6.15 lbs and measuring 19 inches … while Ace came into the world two minutes later at 10:56 a.m., weighing 6.8 lbs and measuring 19 inches.

“I’m so happy my boys are finally here and we’re all doing well,” Mykelti told People.

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A rep for this couple confirmed the pregnancy news back in June.

“I’m so excited, they’re going to be such great parents,” said Christine at the time, adding:

“I know they’re a bit overwhelmed because it’s twins, it’s a lot of work but I live close, Aspyn lives close.”

This, of course, would not have been the case if Christine has remained in Flagstaff, Arizona with Kody.

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Christine Brown flashes a lovely smile for the camera via this selfie, which she shared on Instagram in November 2022.

On August 16, meanwhile, Mykelti revealed the gender of her impending babies via Instagram.

“Tony and I are expecting twin BOYS on December 1st, but they’re twins so really we’re thinking before Thanksgiving,” Brown wrote back then, nailing the timeline perfectly.

“It was the last thing we both expected for both of them to be boys.

“We haven’t figured out names but we’re excited that Avalon will have two brothers to boss around.”

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The new additions represent Kody’s fourth and fifth grandchildren.

Daughter Maddie Brown Brush is mom to daughter Evangalynn Kodi, 3, and son Axel James, 5, whom she shares with husband Caleb Brush.

She also announced that she’s expecting another baby in February.

On the latest episode of Sister Wives, meanwhile, Mykelti helped organize a goodbye party for her mom, expressing strong sentiments for Christine’s now-former sister wives at the gathering, too.

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Mykelti Brown is pictured here with her mother, Christine, on an episode of Sister Wives.

“You’re still mom, Robyn,” Mykelti said on air, addressing her dad’s only legal spouse. “And grandma.”

“That’s just my biggest thing is making sure our relationship continues, and it’s based on what goes on in our relationship,” Robyn replied, while Mykelti agreed as follows:

“It’s not based on outside sources.”

Mykelti, of course, also made it evident that she’s fully on her mom’s side.

“If it’s what she wants, I think it’s important to support what she wants,” the new mother of twins said of her mom’s choice to walk away from an unhappy relationship.