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The financial situation of the Brown family is something of a mystery.

And that makes sense, considering it’s a family consisting of one man with multiple wives and no traditional source of income.

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Here’s what we do know: the family has a joint account where they all put money to pay for group purchases and for emergencies.

Each person has their own personal bank account, too.

Most of the wives make a considerable amount of money selling things to their fans through businesses that are absolutely 100% not a pyramid scheme, thank you very much.

Meri is wildly successful at her LuLaRoe hustle, as is Christine, and Christine and Janelle also sell diet products together.

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Meri also owns her bed and breakfast in Utah, which also seems to be doing very well.

Kody has been involved with those kinds of schemes in the past, but right now it looks like he’s involved in gun sales.

Robyn … well, she’s there, too.

It’s interesting that even though Robyn is the only one of the wives who doesn’t make any real additional income for the family, she’s the only one of Kody’s current wives to own a house.

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Yep, while Christine’s a homeowner in Utah, she obviously did that on her own now that she’s divorced from Kody, and Meri and Janelle both rent homes in Flagstaff.

And now, thanks to some enlightening moments from the show, we know how that all came to be.

This season, we saw Janelle lose her rental home when the owner decided to sell and then buy an RV so that she could live out on Coyote Pass and hopefully get going on building her home there.

When the first sale for Christine’s house fell through after she left for Utah, Kody urged Janelle to buy it, but she wouldn’t saying she doesn’t have enough money to build her house and buy that one.

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But it turns out that she may have been able to afford both … if she hadn’t give half of the money from the sale of her Las Vegas house to help buy Robyn’s house.

Shockingly, in the most recent episode we learned that Meri did something similar, except she gave up all the money she made from her Vegas house to Robyn.

That’s all money that would have gone into Janelle and Meri’s respective personal accounts — Kody took money from the family’s joint account to buy the house, too.

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To be fair, Robyn was initially very uncomfortable with buying the $900k mansion she and Kody currently live in — she was very anxious about it and repeatedly said that she wanted to rent so they could focus their resources on Coyote Pass.

But, you know, she owns a house that’s worth over a million dollars now.

And meanwhile, Meri’s still renting a house while Janelle’s renting an apartment, and there’s still nothing happening with Coyote Pass.

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Meri seems to be fine with this, which makes sense — she seriously makes so much money selling ugly clothes, she’s going to be fine regardless.

Janelle, however, appears to have some regrets, considering the only assets she has now are her RV and her bit of land on Coyote Pass.

Oh, and by the way, this feels like a good time to mention that Robyn’s part of the property is considerably larger than Janelle’s.

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Earlier this month, Gwen, Christine’s daughter, apparently let it slip that Meri and Robyn were the only wives that Kody had left, and that was following months of rumors that Janelle had left him.

Let’s hope for Janelle’s sake that she really did — because wow, what an unfair position to be in.