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Kody Brown has been absolutely unbearable to watch during this season of Sister Wives.

And yeah, that’s been true for every season, but he’s extra awful this time around.

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We’ve seen him be mean and thoughtless towards family members, we’ve seen him completely refuse to see anything from anyone else’s point of view.

And now, in a new sneak peek of the upcoming episode, we’re seeing him take all the anger he’d been directing at Christine and turning it on Janelle.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the two of them have had their issues.

Things have been rocky between them ever since the beginning of the pandemic, with Janelle infamously telling him to “f-ck off” in an episode last season over his intense rules.

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Before the show even began, she once left the family for two years after becoming overwhelmed with the whole situation.

So it’s not exactly a surprise that the two are at each other’s throats in this clip, shared exclusively by ET Online.

In the sneak peek, Kody is once again taking issue with Janelle’s decision to buy an RV to park on their land, Coyote Pass, so she could focus her resources on building her home there, as the family had originally planned.

If you’ve watched this season, then you know that he was deeply offended that she didn’t consult him with her decision, even though it seems like he rarely spends time with her anyway.

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The problem here is that the sale of Christine’s house fell through — and he has a pretty strong opinion on what move the family should make next.

“We build on Coyote Pass, you move into that house, we rent this house,” he explains in a confessional.

Essentially he wants Janelle to purchase Christine’s old house to live in while she builds her house out on their land, and after she moves out there they rent out the other home for additional income.

“That’s the plan with Robyn’s house,” he insists.

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Janelle, however, doesn’t like that plan.

“I just … my heart … I want a house,” she says. “I’m ready to be settled in my own house.”

“Yeah, but we’re a year from that,” he argues, “even if we start building right away.”

“But Kody, I don’t think I can do both,” she tells him, which is obviously fair.

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In a confessional of her own, she explains that she can’t afford mortgages for two houses, plain and simple.

Back in their conversation, Kody stumbles around his words, trying to tell her how it would be possible for both things to happen — he doesn’t come up with much.

Janelle then tells him that she’s spoken to their mortgage guy, who told her that it would take two years of renting Christine’s old home “before somebody would not count that mortgage towards your debt to income when you’re trying to finance something else.”

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So, you know, that’s not good.

“I don’t want this house,” she says, clearly exasperated. “I want to be out on the property, that’s the whole reason I’ve been doing everything I’ve been doing, I want to be out there.”

“I still don’t think you’re being open-minded,” he says, seemingly teasing her.

She starts to get more frustrated, telling him again that she’s talked to the mortgage guy, and his response is “I know, he says two years, so what?”

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Really productive discussion, huh?

“Kody, the problem is I wouldn’t be able to build,” Janelle tries to explain. “I can’t even get a construction loan if I buy this house.”

As usual, Kody goes back to the RV, saying that if she hadn’t bought that then she would’ve been able to afford the mortgage as well as the building of the home on Coyote Pass.

He suggests that they pay off the land this year, then start building next year, which frustrates Janelle even more.

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“No, God!” she exclaims. “Kody, it’s like everybody’s lost sight of the reason we moved here, was to build out there.”

He assures her that he knows that, he just sees that buying Christine’s house would be adding an asset to the family.

Making another good point, she reminds him that it would take two years of someone else living in the house and paying rent before she would be able to get a loan to build on Coyote Pass, “so where am I gonna live for the two years we’re renting this?”

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Back in his confessional, Kody admits that he’s being “creative and a little bit argumentative with Janelle,” but his main point is that he just wants “to get her into a home, and Christine’s house is here and available and easy.”

The whole thing is really just annoying as a viewer, Janelle trying to explain over and over that buying Christine’s house would delay building on their land for at least two more years and Kody insisting that somehow, someway, they can manage to do both.

Seeing this kind of pointless arguing along with all the arguments they’ve had over the past couple of years, it makes sense that there are rumors upon rumors that Janelle has officially left him.

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And remember, Gwendlyn Brown, Christine’s daughter, apparently confirmed that Meri and Robyn are the only wives Kody has left

It’s really not that difficult to imagine why this guy’s wives would want to get as far away from him as possible, huh?