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Sister Wives viewers know that Kody Brown is a selfish jerk face.

This is not really up for debate.

Following this past Sunday night’s episode of the long-running TLC hit, however, many of these same viewers are now asking a different sort of question about the polygamous husband:

What the heck does he do for a living?!?

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Yes, the father of 18 has been at the center of Sister Wives for well over a decade now.

But he also makes multiple mortgage and rent payments on a number of properties, with numerous sources over the years highlighting Kody’s financial difficulties.

It doesn’t seem as if his reality TV show salary can afford all these bills.

This brings us back to the October 30 installment of the aforementioned program.

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Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

At one point on air, Kody Brown was seen in the car, driving home after attending a “sportsmen show” in Reno, Nevada, with his close friend and business partner, Brian Coalwell.

Kody explained to folks that he and Brian — whose wedding Kody infamously officiated this season, despite his COVID-19 concerns — “had some business” to attend to at this mysterious event, refusing to provide any further details.

Remember earlier this year, however? When someone spotted Brown working a booth at a gun show in Oklahoma and posted the photos on Facebook?

We shared these same photos at the outset of this article.

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Given the type of gathering Kody was seen at in Tulsa and the date of the sportsmen show referenced on Sunday’s episode, astute observers are now wondering whether or not Kody and Brian attended the Crossroads of the West Gun Show… which was held in July at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.

It also seems worth noting here that the pals are currently listed as official “members” (along with another family friend who resides in Utah) of US Tactical, LLC, formed in April 2022.

On the official Utah business filing website, US Tactical, LLC, is categorized among “sporting goods, hobby, and musical instrument stores” under products/services.

Brian, meanwhile, was charged “aiding and abetting in 2001 in federal court.

It appears as if this charge stemmed from Coalwell and a group of other acquaintances selling weapons illegally at gun shows.

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So… there you have.

There are many details to consider and, to be clear, no one is accusing Kody Brown at the moment of doing anything illegal.

He’s just a questionable character in general and plenty of readers might consider the sale of guns to be a questionable side hustle.

We’ll leave that up to fans and/or critics to ponder.

We just figured we’d pass along the latest news, rumors and speculation related to the Sister Wives patriarch.