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The problem with filing a lawsuit against your mortal enemy is that you’re creating a chance for them to score a very public and very decisive victory over you.

That’s a lesson that Kailyn Lowry learned the hard way today, as her defamation case against Briana DeJesus was tossed out of court.

Bri announced her victory on Instagram just moments ago.

And as you might’ve guessed, she’s enjoying every second of this triumph.

Photo via Instagram

DeJesus has deleted every post from her page, except for this photo of her sitting next to Chris Lopez, the father of Kail’s two youngest children.

That’s her way of throwing shade, of course, and it works on multiple levels:

1. Kail’s suit is a result of Bri’s claim that Lowry was arrested for assaulting Lopez in 2020.

Kail v Bri

2. Bri has repeatedly claimed that the real reason Kail sued her is because she suspects that she suspects her of sleeping with Chris.

So yeah, DeJesus definitely posted that pic as a major middle finger to Kail.

In the caption she offered details about her legal victory.

Photo via MTV

"This has been a LONG battle, but the lawsuit Kailyn Lowry brought against me is finally over and a verdict has been made," DeJesus wrote.

At first, some of her followers were in disbelief.

But Bri’s claim to victory has been confirmed by UK tabloid The Sun, which has obtained legal documents that shed further light on today’s surprising decision.

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"The written post cannot be considered defamatory because, as a matter of law, it contained protected speech regarding opinion or was factually accurate," wrote the judge in Kail and Bri’s case.

"It was widely publicized that Lowry had been arrested for domestic violence and Soto’s [Briana’s real last name] comments on the issue were substantially true," he continued.

"The damage to Lowry’s reputation, if any, had already occurred when the incident was publicized by news media."

Kailyn Lowry on Podcast Set
Photo via Instagram

The decision echoes comments made by Bri’s attorney, who pointed out that Kail was indeed arrested for assaulting Chris, and the arrest was covered by numerous media outlets, 

“She verifiably was arrested for this, and her arrest garnered media attention," the lawyer wrote in one filing.

In addition to her defeat, Kailyn has opened herself up to a countersuit for failing to notify Bri about the lawsuit prior to filing.

Kailyn Lowry in 2022
Photo via MTV

Lowry’s deposition also included several potentially damaging allegations — including the claim that Briana sent Kailyn a treadmill as a means of bullying her about her weight — that could result in legal action if DeJesus can disprove them.

This is the latest in a long line of recent embarrassments for Kail.

Just last week, Lowry was called out by ex-boyfriend Malik Montgomery, who alleged that they dated for three years in secret, and the relationship only ended when she dumped him for her 23-year-old neighbor.

Kailyn Lowry, Boyfriend
Photo via Instagram

The news came just days after Chris Lopez alleged that Kailyn is living her new boyfriend already.

At the time, it was assumed that he was talking about Malik, but now, it seems that he may have been referring to the mystery neighbor.

Needless so say, Kail has yet to publicly comment on the news of Briana’s victory.

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This is the sort of thing that probably makes Lowry want to step away from the spotlight, but having completed construction on her mansion and lost a major lawsuit so far in 2022, she probably needs those Teen Mom 2 checks more than ever.

For her part, Bri is basking in her big win and getting in some big-time gloating.

On Twitter, she gave a shout out to her lawyer and succinctly offered her assessment of her defeated foe:

"Suck my d-ck. That’s all I have to say," she tweeted, alonside a link to an article about her victory.

Something tells us the feud between these two is far from over.