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Kailyn Lowry has had a lot of bad luck in the romance department.

But to her credit, she’s not letting her past misfortunes deter her from going after what she wants.

We learned just last week that Kailyn is dating Malik Montgomery, and apparently, these two have been moving rather quickly.

Already, there have been rumors that Kailyn and Malik are secretly engaged, although those reports remain unconfirmed — and unlikely.

Kailyn Lowry, Boyfriend

But while we might not be hearing wedding bells in the immediate future, a very reliable source claims that Kailyn and Malik have made a commitment that’s just as big a leap as becoming fiancés:

According to Chris Lopez, Kail and Malik are already living together in Lowry’s newly-completed mansion.

“I’ll just put it out there,” Chris said on the latest episode of his podcast, according to In Touch.

Chris Lopez in 2020

“[The kids] told me that the dude lives with them. That kind of threw my head off, but I can’t control what [Kailyn does]."

Lopez went on to allege that Kail shares too much information with her kids when talking about her love life.

“It was actually recently where I had to pull my kids’ mom to the side and be like, ‘Yo, there’s no reason why my 4-year-old should be telling me about every dude you sleeping with,’” he told his audience.

“[Lux] was just telling me about this last dude, and now he’s telling me about the new dude.”

According to Chris, Lux knows far too much about the dating habits of adults, and Lopez believes that that’s all Kail’s fault.

“Put it in the other side,” Chris added.

“If my kid was randomly coming to you, telling you who I’m dating. He’s 4 years old … My kid don’t know a word about boyfriend or girlfriend. He don’t know about that stuff, so that means you gotta be talking about it.”

Despite his complaints, however, Lopez insists that he’s a fan of Kail’s new man.

“You make her happy bro, please do whatever the f–k you’re doing. Continue doing it,”

Lopez said that he likes Malik for a very specific reason:

Chris Lopez Insta Pic

Apparently, Chris has his two sons with him for the entirety of their spring break, despite the fact that they would normally be with Kail this week.

“I love him. I love that dude. Like I love him," Lopez jokingly remarked.

“If you’re allowing me to have my kids on your week, bro keep doing whatever the f–k you’re doing,” he added. 

“I’m in a place where my feelings ain’t the same,” he said. “But be respectful. When it comes to dating, please be respectful.”

Kailyn Lowry in 2022

Not surprisingly, Kail offered a very different version of events when discussing her relationship with Chris on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2:

“I don’t think that Chris and I would see eye to eye on most of the things,” she said.

“Lux is with me 95% of the time and I don’t feel like someone who can’t even maintain a schedule six days out of the month should be able to make parenting decisions with me.”

Sounds like these two are very far from reaching a civil co-parenting arrangement!