Jenelle Evans Gets Roasted on TikTok Yet Again: Y'all Need to Be Nicer to Me!

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"Why does everybody hate me?" 

That's the question a tearful Jenelle Evans asked in her latest long-winded YouTube upload, and while we're sure thousands of critics would be happy to provide a detailed answer, Jenelle doesn't actually want to get to the bottom of that particular mystery.

No, she just wants to throw herself yet another online pity party.

Even though her latest video featured a car crash in which her kids could have been badly injured, Jenelle's focus was, as always, on herself, her battered reputation, and her non-existent career.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

The video saw Jenelle breaking down in tears after learning that she would not be invited to participate in a new Teen Mom spinoff series.

Now Jenelle has been saying for years that she wants nothing to do with MTV, and she's repeatedly stated that she's happy that she was fired from Teen Mom 2.

So this week's reaction would have been surprising -- were it not for the fact that Jenelle is a pathological liar, and everyone knows that getting fired from the only job she's ever had was the worst thing that's ever happened to her.

Jenelle Talks to Fans

Adding insult to injury, Farrah Abraham was chosen for the spinoff, which essentially confirms that unlike the franchise's other notorious alums, Evans will remain untouchable, and will never return to television no matter how good she might be for ratings.

Spending a decade or so flaunting your fondness for bigotry and child abuse tends to have that sort of effect on your career.

Anyway, Jenelle made an attempt to gracefully move on from this latest embarrassment, and as you might have predicted, it only resulted in further humiliation.

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

As she always does when she needs a self-esteem boost, Jenelle made a TikTok video in which she flaunts her latest fashion acquisitions.

This time, she was in her bedroom rocking a form-fitting dress, as she awkwardly lip-synced to a 1975 clip from Cher's talk show.

"Can I hear a little commotion for the dress?" Cher/Jenelle asked the audience.

Jenelle Is Wearing a Dress

"Now let's hear it for the back of the dress!" she commanded,

Now, Jenelle did indeed hear a lot of feedback from her audience -- but much of it was not the sort of thing she wanted to hear.

"Two words… shape wear," one TikTok commenter remarked.

Jenelle Evans Enjoys TikTok

"Beautiful… but Spanxxx," another chimed in.

There were many such comments, and we'd like to take this opportunity to remind our readers that while we are obviously not fans of Jenelle, we  also do not condone any mockery of her appearance.

That sh-t is simply not cool.

Jenelle Has a Podcast

Thankfully, several commenters came to Evans' defense and pointed out that while she may be a racist child and animal abuser, it's just not necessary to body shame her.

"Not everybody wants to suck themselves completely in some people are actually happy in their bodies," one person wrote, according to The Sun.

"That's a hateful a** comment," a second added.

Jenelle Talks Drugs

"Women like YOU are the reason others have this fake image of what a woman's body should look like. Do better."

"Why does she need Spanx? Not everyone wants to wear a suffocating body piece to please other people's eyes," a third remarked.

Another user offered a comment that applies to all aspiring social media bullies:

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

"How about you put those spanxxx over your mouth? No need to hop on here and body shame," 

Again, Jenelle has a lot of flaws -- but we're only interested in the ones that lead her to be awful to other people.

And the fact is, when you mock her appearance, you say more about yourself than you say about Jenelle.

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