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Word is that the FBI is probing Jamie Spears’ alleged bugging of Britney Spears’ phone conversations.

Though Britney and her team hope that the conservatorship itself will end soon, they hope to oust Jamie ASAP.

Britney’s attorney has nominated a CPA to temporarily replace Jamie until the conservatorship is abolished altogether.

Jamie is hitting back, claiming that the accountant is unqualified … and insisting that no one should replace him.

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Just before Britney Spears’ September 29 court date, Jamie Spears raised hell about plans to replace him.

Britney has a $60 million fortune that, through her onerous conservatorship, has been out of her control for most of her adult life.

According to Jamie — who has himself filed to end the conservatorship — if he’s not in charge of Britney’s money, nobody gets to be.

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Britney and her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, know that actually dissolving the conservatorship could take longer than replacing Jamie.

They have nominated John Zabel, a certified public accountant, to become temporary conservator of Britney’s estate.

He would control her finances, and while he would not directly control her personal life, he would have to sign off on anything that costs money.

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TMZ reports that Jamie has filed documents opposing his nomination.

His first objection is to claim that Zabel is not qualified to manage Britney’s estate.

His second is to insist that he should not be replaced at all. Classic Jamie.

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Jamie acknowledged that Zabel is a CPA with senior "executive experience in finance and in the entertainment industry."

But he thinks that this doens’t make Zabel "highly qualified" to be a fiduciary, let alone a conservator.

Jamie cautioned the court that Britney’s fortune could be placed at risk because Zabel has never held this position before and could make mistakes.

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Jamie also not-so-subtly took a jab at Zabel for having previously lost money — his own money — in a real estate scam.

While losing $1 million in a fraudulent real estate scheme sounds like a nightmare, those were Zabel’s own funds.

If there’s anything indicating that he has taken similar risks with a client’s money, neither Mathew nor Jamie have mentioned it.

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The core of Jamie’s objection seemed to be that Jamie believes that he is irreplaceable.

Or, specifically, he doesn’t think that anyone can prove that he has done a bad job.

Notably, Britney and her attorney not only disagree, but intend to demonstrate Jamie’s innumerable flaws in court.

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Jamie also added in his argument that the only way that he should leave his role as conservator is for the conservatorship to be dissolved.

That’s what Britney wants, what her attorney wants, what Britney’s conservator of person (Jodie Montgomery) wants, and allegedly what Jamie wants.

That is certainly Britney’s goal in court, but she and her attorney both know that they could have to wait for future hearings … and don’t want Jamie involved.

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That last part almost sounds like Jamie is advocating for Britney, but fans aren’t convinced — and neither are Britney or her attorney.

The fact is that dissolving the conservatorship the hard way (against Jamie’s wishes) could lead to him being required to testify under oath.

Britney’s team has suggested that Jamie may be panicking and afraid of being asked things that he’d rather not answer honestly.