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As we reported earlier this week, a spinoff series featuring cast members from all three Teen Mom shows is currently filming in California.

And as you might expect from that description, production has been plagued with problems since day one … literally.

The very first night that the ladies gathered on location, Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline had to be removed from the premises after ganging up on Ashley Jones.

While they haven’t been fired from the project, Bri and Jade are now living in a separate hotel, far removed from the rest of the cast.

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And even cast members who aren’t involved in the project have been creating issues for producers.

Take for example, Jenelle Evans, who says she was approached by MTV execs about appearing in the project and was shocked and dismayed when they subsequently changed their minds.

She’s now blaming her former bosses for a sharp downturn in her mental health.

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Of course, it’s not just the cast that’s causing problems for the production staff.

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup residents of San Diego County, California who have been inconvenienced by filming are outraged that their quiet community was selected for a project that’s so certain to involve blowout fights and other forms of wild drama.

One source tells The Ashley that these locals are “totally disgusted” by the project, and while their efforts are unlikely to have any impact, they’re strongly encouraging producers to relocate.

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“They’ve set up these bright production lights all around the lake and they shine into resident’s homes at all hours of the night,” one resident tells The Ashley.

“At first security was telling locals that they were filming a ‘family documentary.’”

As The Ashley points out, a quick scan of the community’s NextDoor page reveals that residents are in total agreement in their disdain toward the production.

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“We should all be embarrassed to have our community associated with this trash” one person wrote on the app’s message board.

“Unfortunately this is the trash they are encouraging to come to our nice, peaceful hidden gem,” another local wrote.

“Well that sucks the class right out of the lake [area],” a third homeowner chimed in.

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“This is just a silly reality show filled with drama, entitlement and nonsense,” another resident added.

In addition to the first-night feud involving three of the ladies infamous firebrand Farrah Abraham was reportedly involved in a furniture-throwing brawl shortly after she arrived on set.

Other cast members were reportedly upset by Farrah’s arrival and felt that they had been "ambushed" by producers.

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Needless to say, it sounds like this project might make for some pretty compelling television, and it seems to feature an abundance of the drama that’s been sorely lacking in the Teen Mom universe in recent years.

But you can see why San Diego County residents might not be thrilled to have all this messiness in their backyard.

Of course, at this point, getting MTV to relocate would be about as difficult as getting the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise to get along with one another!