Farrah Abraham: David Eason is a Violent, Homophobic Douchebag!

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Folks, we never thought this day would come.

Apparently, hell has frozen over and we're living in some sort of bizarro world where up is down, black is white, and hamburgers eat people.

If you're not sitting down, you might want to do that now.

Also, please swallow any liquids that are currently in your mouth, because we don't want to be liable for any electronics that might be damaged due to violent spit takes caused by the following news:

Farrah Abraham in Glasses

Believe it or not, Farrah Abraham has said something that is not only factually accurate, but also 100 percent based.

We probably don't need to tell you that Farrah is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and top of that, she's also one of the worst people to ever gain fame from a reality TV series -- which is really saying something.

But she's not the very worst of the Teen Moms -- that honor belongs to Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle E., Farrah A.

And while Farrah has dated a number of horrendous dudes over the years, none of them has been nearly as atrocious as David Eason.

So while Farrah doesn't have the right to look down her nose at too many people in this world, she has every right to trash-talk Jenelle and David.

And she did exactly that in glorious fashion this week.

Farrah on Herr Gram

Okay, to put it more precisely, a fan talked trash about Jenelle, and Farrah happily co-signed and signal-boosted the shade.

As you may have heard, MTV is currently filming a spin-off show featuring cast members from all three Teen Mom series.

Jenelle says network execs approached her about starring in the show -- and then abruptly changed their minds.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

Evans claimed that the situation devastated her (despite many previous claims that she would never deign to return to the franchise that made her famous), and she revealed that she's outraged with the show's producers for dangling the possibility in front of her.

Mind you, Jenelle is a pathological liar, and it's very unlikely that 

Anyway, Farrah seems to be delighting in her old rival's misfortune.

Farrah Slams Jenelle

When a fan made the collage above, which features quotes about Jenelle's rough week, along with a random assortment of laughing celebs (is that Colin Jost in the bottom right corner?), Farrah eagerly shared it to her Instagram Story.

"MTV: Let's talk about coming back!" the fan wrote, imagining dialogue between Jenelle and her former bosses.

"Jenelle: Not unless I can bring my violent homophobic threatening unemployed huzbin," reads the next line.

Farrah, David

"MTV: Bye! You are crazy! We will get @farrahabraham."

Now, it's a little ironic that Farrah is glorying in the news that Jenelle has been snubbed.

While Farrah has joined the cast, she was reportedly involded in a furntiture-throwing brawl on her first day of filming, so she might not last long.

But since she's spiking the football on Jenelle -- who again is a horrible, horrible person -- we'll let that inconvenient fact slide.

Farrah Abraham Farrahsplains to Followers

Obviously, Farrah is a pretty messed-up person in her own right, but she hasn't done quite as many horrible things as Jenelle and David have.

So it's easy to pick sides on this one, and judging from the response, Instagram and Reddit commenters are 100 percent Team Farrah.

Yes, Ms. Abraham may not be right very often, but when she is, she really makes it count!

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