Hailie Mathers Rocks Tight Leather Pants on Instagram, Possibly Enrages Eminem

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Fans rejoiced when Hailie Mathers returned to Instagram recently following a six-month hiatus from the site.

She offered no specifics with regard to her absence, instead explaining to fans that she was merely distracted by the hellscape that is 2020.

Hailie Mathers in 2020

Naturally, this led to rumors about why Hailie -- who used to post nearly every day -- decided to step away from her favorite platform for so long.

This being the internet in 2020, many commenters favored the most dramatic explanations.

And perhaps it's not surprising that the most popular theory involved Hailie's iconic father, Eminem.

More Coffee

Yes, in the type of foolish conversation one typically finds in the darker corners of Reddit, fans theorized that Hailie must have endured a stern talking-to from her father about the type of content she posted online.

Said talking-to was probably delivered with a spitfire flow and numerous polysyllabic compound rhymes.

We imagine that when it was over, Hailie was left standing awestruck like Papa Doc at the end of 8 Mile.

Bangin Her Bikini Body

We kid, of course.

This lecture never happened, and we sincerely doubt Em has offered his daughter any input on what she chooses to post on social media.

Hailie is a grown woman -- a college graduate who will turn 25 on Christmas.

A Simple White Tanktop Can Go a Long Way

And if you've ever listened to his music, you're probably aware that Marshall Mathers isn't exactly the puritanical, prudish type.

Besides, if you've been a follower of Hailie's for a while, you know her content has never been particularly racy.

And if Slim Shady did issue a warning to his daughter, it obviously fell on deaf ears, because she's back to posting the same kind of stuff she always posts.

Hailie Mathers In Leather

We suppose she flaunts her figure a bit, but the focus on Hailie's page has been on fashion, not thirst traps.

Obviously, there's nothing wrong with showing a little skin on the 'Gram, and Hailie does some of this in the warmer months.

We're just pointing out how ridiculous the fake controversy over Em objecting to his daughter's content is.

Hailie Mathers on Instagram In 2020

Especially this time of year, you're not gonna find more wholesome content thasn Hailie's anywhere on Instagram.

Check out this short story she shared about buying her first real Christmas tree:

"Sooo since I’m back & it’s the most wonderful time of the year…I wanted to share my experience getting my first real Christmas tree!

Hailie Mathers Gets a Christmas Tree

"This past weekend I went to the cutest little Christmas tree farm & got a tree (& cider from a food truck) and it made me even more excited for the season.

"It’s definitely going to be a weird Christmas with everything going on, but it was nice to add a new tradition in when old ones might not be happening."

Yeah, we doubt the guy who used to rap about decapitating his ex-wife with a chainsaw is too upset by that.

Above Average Legs

Sure, we've seen the occasional Hailie Mathers bikini pic over the years, but it's nothing more revealing than what you'll find on the social media page of any woman in her twenties.

Em's fans tend to obsess over his daughter a bit much, but they also know what a loose cannon he is, so hopefully, no one will say anything to ignorant.

As long as Machine Gun Kelly doesn't call Hailie hot again, everything should be fine.

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