Hailie Mathers Returns to Instagram After 6-Month Hiatus, Posts Smokin' Selfie

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It can't be easy being Eminem's daughter.

Sure you've been living the good life for as long as you can remember, and your last name is enough to earn you millions of Instagram followers.

But She's Also Relatable

But all that fame came a pretty steep price.

After all, Em might be the most confessional rapper of all time, which means Hailie has heard quite a few songs with lyrics in which her dad fantasizes about getting all hopped up on pills and murdering her mom.

Like we said, being the guy's daughter is a bit of a mixed bag.

A Simple White Tanktop Can Go a Long Way

So we guess it's not all that surprising that Hailie occasionally feels the need to take a break from the spotlight.

Hailie is just coming off a six-month hiatus from Instagram.

That's a long time for anyone to go without posting, but it's especially unexpected when a 24-year-old goes that long without sharing any pics.

More Coffee

So what's the explanation?

Well, Hailie's not going into detail, but at the same time, her caption pretty much tells us all we need to know.

“Does the explanation ‘2020’ work for everyone here?” she captioned the photo below.

Hailie Mathers in 2020

We're strong believers that just saying "2020" should serve an as an excuse for just about every type of behavior, so it certainly works for us.

And the caption seemed to work for Hailie's millions of followers, too, most of whom were just happy to have he back.

"Long time no see!" wrote one fan.

Hailie Mathers on Instagram

"I’m so glad you’re back!!" another added.

"Guess who's back, back again," a third chimed in,

A reference to her dad's lyrics!

Hailie Mathers In Hawaii

We're sure Hailie NEVER gets tired of those!

But in all seriousness, the young Ms. Mathers has made her way out from under her dad's very long shadow and built a career for herself as a top tier influencer.

Hailie's bikini pics have been known to rack seven-figure engagement numbers, and amassing millions of followers is no easy feat, no matter who your parents are.

There's been talk of Hailie wanting to be the next Kim Kardashian, and obviously, she has quite a ways to go before she achieves that lofty goal.

But she's certainly off to a stellar start.

We just hope she doesn't lose herself in all that adoration from stans.

Sorry, we couldn't resist.

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