Hailie Mathers: Lose Yourself in Eminem's Daughter on Instagram!

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Hailie Mathers rose to fame as the subject of her father's rap songs.

Nearly anyone familiar with Eminem is also familiar with Hailie, who the artist created along with ex-wife Kim.

In multiple tracks, the tough rapper has displayed his softest and most vulnerable sides when spinning lyrics about his only child, for whom he has vowed from the beginning to be there.

And such responsible parenting has apparently paid off, as Hailie is doing very well for herself -- just not in the way you might expect from the daughter of a rapper such as Eminem.

The 23-year old makes a living as a social media influencer, having amassed a plethora of followers over the years by posing in exotic locations... by posing in expensive clothing... and by drinking A LOT of coffee.

It helps that Hailie is very good looking, too.

Scroll through some of her most memorable Instagram photos below and get to know Hailie Mathers better than ever before...

1. Hailie Mathers on Instagram

Hailie Mathers on Instagram
Hailie Mathers has a massive Instagram followers. We're talking over 1.5 million fans who are curious about what Eminem's daughter is up to each day.

2. Bangin Her Bikini Body

Bangin Her Bikini Body
One reason Hailie Mathers has so much love on the 'Gram is due to her penchant for posing in a two-piece, of course.

3. But She's Also Relatable

But She's Also Relatable
Hailie shares lots of photos of herself just hanging out at a coffee shop, writing as a caption in this case: "a before i had to go to the dentist mood."

4. Red Lipstick, Sheer Black Bra

Red Lipstick, Sheer Black Bra
Hailie knows how to get her tease on, too, just like any sharp social media influencer.

5. Sexy, Right?

Sexy, Right?
Before you get too turned on, however, look at her face: she looks JUST like her very famous dad.

6. Fierce.

She knows how to dress up, too, acting like a fashionista in social media photos such as this one.

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