Amelia Hamlin Strikes Sexy Poses on Scott Disick's Couch!

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Scott Disick and Amelia Gray Hamlin have packed on the PDA in public, but seem to still be playing games with relationship labels.

Sofia just shared an alluring thirst trap from Scott's home ... but if she's hoping that he'll make it official soon, she may be disappointed.

Amelia Hamlin WIth Scott Disick

Amelia Gray Hamlin is one of the most gorgeous young models on the planet, and would probably be famous even if she weren't a celebrity child.

In her Instagram Stories, the 19-year-old knockout shared an alluring pose of her lounging on an off-white couch in an all-black corset top with pants and a pair of cream sandals.

Glammed up, she posed in front of a black-and-white abstract piece of art that was clearly in frame.

Amelia Hamlin IG Story on Scott Disick's couch

If that piece of art looks familiar to anyone, it should. More than a year ago, Scott Disick showed it to the world.

In September 2019, the self-styled Lord shared a pic of him seated on the same couch with the painting visible on the wall behind him.

"Love this room," he captioned at the time, "and thanks @archdigest for coming!"

Scott Disick Lounges on His Couch

We have all seen photos of young, hot models in the past posing on what some might see as a random green lawn and pointed and gone "that's Scott Disick's yard."

(The entire extended Kardashian clan lives rent free in our minds, it seems)

Now, it seems that this room, decorated by experts, can be used to give a similar identification by anyone who wants it known that they've been hanging out at his house.

Scott Disick Wants You to Vote

Is Scott boning his latest and perhaps greatest 19-year-old model? Well ... maybe.

They were seen hanging out together "as friends" months ago, at a time when actual friends aren't really hanging out because of the pandemic.

Little by little, the "friends" narrative has ebbed away, and most assume that these two are at least hooking up at this point.

Amelia Hamlin in Red

However, an inside source spoke to HollywoodLife and says that getting serious with Amelia isn't on Scott's radar right now.

According to the insider, Scott "isn't interested" in settling out right now -- not with Amelia or anyone else.

“Scott isn’t looking to get into a relationship at this point," the source adds, "but he’s having fun casually hanging out with Amelia when he can."

Amelia Hamlin Strikes a Pose

“Of course he thinks she’s attractive, what guy wouldn’t?" the insider accurately notes.

"But as far as a serious commitment or anything," the source clarifies, "that’s not what he’s interested in."

The insider continues: "or where he sees this going and he feels they’re on the same page."

Amelia Hamlin in a Creative White Hoodie

"Scott thinks Amelia is a really cool girl," the source affirms, "and she’s fun."

"But," the insider adds, "he’s just focused on his kids and celebrating the holidays with them for now.”

Awww, those sound like very sweet plans.

Scott Disick Down Under

“Scott is looking to end this year as a bachelor," another friend close to Scott reveals.

The source explains that "It works for him."

"He is going to be with family for the holidays," the insider says, "and is going to enjoy the normalness of 2020 anywhere he can get that."

Scott Disick Speaks While in Lockdown

"He will continue to flirt with Amelia and talk to her," the source affirms.

"But," the insider characterizes, "it is not anything serious."

"Scott is playing it all as it comes," the source adds, "and is not looking to fall deep in love with anyone right now.”

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