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Amy Roloff has not endeared herself to Little People, Big World fans over the past couple weeks.

First, as previously detailed, fans across social media dragged the mother of four for seemingly taking forever to move out of her farm house in Oregon.

They gave Amy a hard time after a fight that aired on the aforementioned TLC program earlier this fall.

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Now, in the wake of a surprising season finale, viewers are once again clapping back against Amy for her perceived bias.

They think she prefers son Jeremy Roloff over son Zach Roloff.

This topic has come up online because Zach stunned his mother on Tuesday night’s episode of Little People, Big World, telling her and dad Matt that he may wanna buy the family farm someday.

This was the first time he had ever shown such an interest.

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"I think I was shocked that I couldn’t even respond," Amy said in her a confessional after hearing Zach’s idea, adding:

"It was definitely a surprise. I didn’t know he was thinking about that.

"I know Jeremy has been thinking about it for quite some time. It suddenly changes how Matt and I look at this property."

It’s true that Jeremy expressed this same interest just over a year ago and true that Amy said both siblings wanting to make the purchase created a "dilemma."

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It’s NOT true, however, that Amy seemed to care very much who ended up with the farm — she just didn’t expect Zach to have even considered making such a move.

And yet:

A number of Amy Roloff critics have jumped online in order to jump down Amy’s throat.

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"Is Amy trying to play favorites? She seems like she doesn’t want Zach to have the home, she seems her favorite is Jeremy?" wrote one person in response to the finale.

Added another:

"You could tell Amy didn’t want Zach having the house. She’s always been partial to Jeremy."

And then another:

"Is it just me or is Amy siding with Jeremy over zack? I think Zack and Tori would do the farm well. I know Amy is worried about being back in that house but don’t put that on the kids.

"Let them build onto what you gave them."

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Amy sold some of the farm to Matt late last year, around when the finale was filmed, and then even more to Matt this summer.

On the episode, Zach acknowledged his brother’s earlier interest in making a deal.

"Everyone’s always assumed that Jeremy would be the one taking over the farm, including myself, and that’s just because I always deferred to him when it came to the farm," he said.

"But as I’ve gotten older and become a father, I also spent more and more time working on the farm and that has helped me become more assertive."

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For the record, Matt said he "loved" the idea of Zach taking over someday.

And we sort of agree:

Who out there would not tune in to a spinoff that starred Zach, Tori and their family living on the farm?

We’d so be there for that!