Little People, Big World: The Roloffs' Shocking Scandals... Exposed! [Updated]

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The Roloffs are not the Kardashians.

We mostly tune in to Little People, Big World each week because we want to see a bunch of relatives interact who basically just enjoy each other's company.

They don't fight. They don't exploit each other. There's very little drama and almost no controversy.

ALMOST, we said.

Over the years, various members of this close-knit family have had run-ins with the law, clashes with social media users and taken part in other scandalous affairs that may come as a surprise.

We still love Matt, Amy and company.

As you are about to find out, however, they are not perfect...


1. Jacob Dropped Out of High School

Jacob Dropped Out of High School
And he didn't do so quietly, either, engaging on Twitter with someone who gave him props to his "high intellect," but critcized him for dropping out in protest of public institutions, to which Jacob replied: "If you can tell my intellectual level with me not having finished formal high school, why do I still need it? Just to say so?" He added that he had a "hard time being excited" for his friends going to a four-year college. "I think you could learn a lot more for a lot less."

2. Matt Got Arrested for Drunk Driving

Matt Got Arrested for Drunk Driving
The incident took place in 2007, after he was stopped near his home for swerve in and out and his lane. Six months after the arrest, he was found not guilty in court.

3. Jeremy the... Bigot?

Jeremy the... Bigot?
Way back in 2008, Jeremy Roloff was accused of writing racist and homophobic messages on his MySpace account. The situation was brought to everyone's attention by the National Enquirer story excerpted above. The messages at the time insulted African-Americans, Mexicans and gay people.

4. Jacob the... Drug User?

Jacob the... Drug User?
We can't say this one is too stunning, but Jacob once Tweeted: "Who doesn't suck at selling weed Hmu." That acronym stands for Hit Me Up.

5. Roloff Farms... Sued?

Roloff Farms... Sued?
Yes. In 2011, a Washington woman named Linda Farrall alleged that she was injured due to a fall from a picnic pavilion at the property. She sued the Roloffs for negligence and the case was settled out of court.

6. Jacob Accuses Producers of... Stealing?

Jacob Accuses Producers of... Stealing?
Always an outspoken individual, Jacob publicly claimed in 2015 that he was getting ripped off from his time on the series. "Man I wish it didn’t feel like I was getting f-ced out of the money from the show that was my childhood right now," he said back then.

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