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Amy Roloff may not wanna check her mentions today.

And probably not tomorrow, either.

The long-time Little People, Big World star is under serious fire in the wake of last night’s episode — which once again featured Amy feuding with her ex-husband, Matt Roloff.

Amy Roloff During Pumpkin Season
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In this case, Matt wondered why it was taking Amy so long to move all of her stuff off the family farm in Oregon, following the former spouses agreeing on a sale in late 2019.

His hands were tied in regard to the future of Amy’s home… as long as she still had stuff in it.

What was taking Amy so long?

Why, several months after the sale of this property to Matt, was she still hanging around?

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Heck, at one point, Matt even wondered whether Amy was having problems with fiance Chris Marek and this was why she was hesitant to go start a life with him away from the farm.

As you might imagine, Amy was less than pleased to hear Matt speculate about her relationship.

The Roloff patriarch insisted he wasn’t pushing Amy out, he just needed some answers… and really didn’t comprehend why something that could take mere days was instead taking close to six months.

And it now appears as if many viewers out there feel the same way.

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Wrote one Amy critic:

"@TLC #LPBW I agree with Matt, Amy plays the victim more often than not. Who the hell takes 6 months to move out of a house. She’s always full of excuses.

"Good luck Chris!!"

And another:

"For someone that is like a giddy teenager about Chris you’d think Amy would want to move in wit him sooner then later. And her procrastinating &  hoarding is making me angry and I don’t even live with her !#lpbw"

And then anoother:

"Amy is awful and you can look at Chris’s eyes and see that he is saying the same thing Matt is. ‘Let’s get this show on the road Amy’, but if Matt says it, she has an internal breakdown."

Yikes, huh?

For the record, this latest episode was filmed way back in 2019.

It aired all this time later due to COVID-19 and how it affected both filming and the show’s premiere date.

With Matt and Amy constantly arguing on air, though, fans continue to take sides on social media.

But are things really that bad between them?

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Just a few days ago, Zach Roloff assured the public that his parents get along perfectly well.

“I think they’re getting along fine. They don’t see each other a lot. There’s no reason, really, for them to interact except for at family events," he told Us Weekly this month, adding:

"They’re getting along. [Amy has] been participating in [pumpkin season at the farm]. It’s all calm right now."

We’re glad to hear it.