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A year after breaking up with cheating loser Colt Johnson, Jess Caroline married the man of her dreams.

But some vile, rotten trolls have been filling her DMs and comments with the nastiest comments imaginable.

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Jess Caroline recently posted another gorgeous lingerie photo to Instagram.

She is, of course, a hot model.

Unfortunately, her caption makes it clear that some awful and dishonest people have been trying to convince her that she is somehow unattractive.

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"Your words can’t hurt me anymore!" Jess writes in the caption.

Under normal circumstances, we might think that her strong words were directed at Colt.

After all, by her own description, he said and did many things to hurt her.

Jess Caroline Admires Colt Johnson on the Beach

We first reported that Jess and Colt were dating in the summer of 2019.

At first, we just saw a photo of Colt holding hands with an anonymous girl — in a photo snapped by Debbie.

Soon, it was apparent that Colt had moved on from his Brazilian model wife, Larissa, to his Brazilian model girlfriend, Jess.

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Jess is young, beautiful, and in many ways innocent and trusting.

Despite Larissa’s attempts to warn her over the phone, Jess did not believe that Colt was a cheating manipulator.

She did not even believe that Debbie was the "wolf" that Larissa described. Not at first, anyway.

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The earliest problem that Jess had noticed about Colt — other than his dysfunctional and codependent relationship with his mom — was Vanessa.

Jess saw through his protestations that he and his friend-with-benefits were "just friends." 

So Colt faked a message breaking off his friendship with Vanessa Guerra. In reality, they remained friends behind Jess’ back.

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At this point, Colt was obviously just wasting Jess’ time, using her to film for the show and get laid.

Jess didn’t know that until Debbie, concerned that her son was truly in love and might become more independent, sabotaged their relationship.

Debbie "let it slip" that Vanessa was watching their cats back in Vegas. Jess was absolutely furious.

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It was all downhill from there. Jess and Colt were on again and off again.

During that time, Colt sent out his dick pics to an unknown number of women.

Eight of those women contacted Jess to tell her, because by that point, more and more women realized that Colt was using them to cheat, as he had done while married to Larissa.

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Jess gave Colt too many chances. The final straw, of course, was that Vanessa had now moved in with Colt and Debbie.

Jess went on to accuse Colt of playing twisted mind games with her and using revenge porn — just as Larissa had described him doing to her.

Fortunately, Jess moved on with a much hotter dude, leaving Colt as nothing but a bad memory.

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But Jess’ caption about hurtful words seems to be, not about any man in her life, but about some hateful followers.

"Why showing your self half naked i guess your Husband don’t care," sneered one shameful moron.

Another nasty person wrote: "Is this the American dream? sell yourself to an American man for a green card so you can sell yourself?"

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"Hate all you want. Shame my body all you want. Your words can’t hurt me anymore!" Jess declares.

She continues: "I know my worth isn’t based on my looks."

"The things you say about me say much more about you," Jess accuses, "what you have to offer is what you get back." 

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Jess then asks: "How many girls give up on posting a swimsuit picture because their bodies are not ‘Instagram worthy,’ because of this nasty body shaming culture."

"Enough of that! Own your body and be proud of it," she suggests. "It does so much for you everyday!"

"I love myself and your hate messages won’t ruin that," Jess wisely concludes, "so quit your wining and put your energy towards something more productive for yourself."