Kody Brown Won't Be There for Daughter's Major Surgery, Gets Ripped Apart by Fans

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A lot of people really, really love Sister Wives.

The same cannot be said about one of the show's stars, Kody Brown.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown Together

Kody ... well, he's not very likable, unfortunately.

He's kind of obnoxious, and kind of ignorant in a lot of ways.

One big thing that fans of the show dislike about him, however, is that he seems to play favorites with his wives, and, in turn, with his wives' children.

Most people believe that his fourth wife, Robyn, is by far his favorite, and it does seem that he spends the most time with her and the kids they share.

Meanwhile, his older wives -- Meri, Janelle, and Christine, who have all been around for about 20 years -- and their kids really don't seem to get the same kind of attention.

Kody Brown Sister Wives

This is evident in some news that Mykelti, one of Christine's daughters, recently shared about the family.

If you've been keeping up with the family, then you know that another of Christine's daughters, Ysabel, is undergoing a serious operation on her spine soon to treat her scoliosis.

And in a Facebook Live from earlier this week, Mykelti revealed that Kody wouldn't be there on the big day.

She said that right now, Christine and her three youngest daughters are in New Jersey getting ready for the surgery.

Christine Brown Sits and Stares

"I don't know the exact date of her surgery, but they are in New Jersey," she explained. "They have to quarantine for two weeks up there before the surgery could start."

"I think the surgery is probably next week," she added.

She also said that Kody isn't going to be there because "If he flies out to be with them then he has to do the same thing."

"He has to quarantine for two weeks before and two weeks after, which means he has to go a month without seeing any of the rest of the family so no he will not be there during the surgery."

Kody Brown in Aghast

"However," she continued, "he can hang out with them after the surgery so instead it is two-and-a-half weeks where he can't see my mom and my mom's kids or it's a month where he won't be able to see anybody."

"So we're going with the option where he won't be able to see my mom or my mom's kids for two-and-a-half weeks."

Another factor is filming for the show -- she said that they "constantly film," so we guess Kody can't bear to miss out on that.

After hearing the news that Kody wasn't planning on being there for Ysabel, Sister Wives fans had quite a lot to say over on Reddit.

Ysabel and a Blanket

"I despise Kody," one person wrote. "He doesn't give a sh-t about his kids. Just himself."

"Self interested, selfish, egotistical ball bag of a human being," another person said. "Stay in Jersey, girl, just don't go back to him."

"Leave the rest of the family?" a Reddit user questioned. "Meri is on her own and has been in Utah. Janelle doesn't need him around cause she has one kid that's a teen minor and another that's a young adult. What help does she need at this point?"

"It's so obvious he's staying for Robyn and her kids," that person continued. "Who is he kidding?"

Robyn Brown Looks Sullen

There were even a couple of people who had the exact same surgery that Ysabel is having, and they were extra shocked by this news.

"I had the same surgery when I was 12 and it really floors me that Kody would not make it a priority to be there," one of them wrote.

The other said "I had it at 16 and was in ICU for 3 days and ended up not getting out of the hospital for 3 weeks after they said it would only be 3-5 days. This is a major freaking surgery and 100% his kid will look back on this with anger for her dad missing it."

We don't know if that last part is necessarily true -- his kids are probably used to him not being there for major events.

Kody Brown Selfie

Then again, as someone else pointed out, Kody did fly out to North Carolina multiple times when Maddie was about to have her second child, so ...

We get it, everything is weird because of this pandemic, and it would be hard to spend so much time away from the rest of his family.

But still ... it's kind of hard to imagine missing such a major, scary thing in your child's life, right?

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