Christine Brown: See Ya, Sister Wives Fans! I'm Going Off the Grid!

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Just a few days ago, Christine Brown left Sister Wives viewers in shock when she appeared to shade Robyn Brown.

Now, however, Christine Brown has simply left Sister Wives viewers.

Full stop.

Christine Brown, Fun with Daughter

Amid troubling financial times for her famiily and challenging medical times for her daughter, Christine has announced that she's basically disappearing from public view for the foreseeable future.

Until around the middle of next month, she won't even be hawking LuLaRoe clothing items online.

“I won’t be working at all. I am taking a vacation," Christine said this week on Instagram.

"There is a certain procedure we’re having done that I really can’t share with you. But I know you guys already kind of know what it is. I can’t talk about it because of the non disclosure."

Christine Brown on Facebook Live

How mysterious, right?

But Christine is correct that most observers know to what she's referring.

In late June, the veteran reality star said she needed $50,000 for a medical procedure, prompting many to assume daughter Ysabel must be the patient due to her severe case of scoliosis.

A short time later, Christine thanked followers to contributing to the impending surgery, implying that husband Kody wasn't helping at all.

Ysabel, of course, is also Kody's child.

Christine Brown with a Smile

Without delving into specifics, Christine simply concluded her announcement yesterday as follows:

"I’ll be gone, super excited about it. I won’t be doing lives, I’ll be on vacation."

To where, exactly?

According to The Sun, she's headed North Carolina for 10 days in September to visit her sister wife Janelle’s daughter, Maddie, and to help out in whatever way she can with Maddie's daughter, Evie.

Christine Brown Sunset Pic

As you may have read about right here on The Hollywood Gossip, Evie underwent an amputation in August because she was diagnosed with a rare disorder at birth.

The one-year old was born without many fingers and toes, and with very deformed limbs.

Christine will therefore help out Janelle and her daughter however she's needed to later this month, something we don't believe Kody has offered to do.

(If you haven't guessed already, we're not very big fans of the Sister Wives patriarch.)

Christine Brown Smiles

Christine's break comes at a challenging period for the Brown family.

They continue to pay multiple mortgages in Arizona, along with rent on homes belonging to a pair of the Sister Wives.

Apparently no progress has been made on the large piece of land in Coyote Pass purchased years ago by Kody, turning it into a sunk cost meaning there's no real end in sight to these financial problems.

Oh, and Christine was once in $450,000 debt because she's married to a deadbeat.

Can anyone blame her for wanting to get away?!?

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