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The most obvious rumor in all of reality television has now been turned into, well… a reality.

According to one supposedly reliable source, Kody Brown does, indeed, havee a favorite one of his four Sister Wives.

And that favorite is…

Robyn Brown and Company
Photo via TLC


Not exactly the most stunning piece of news, is it?

Simply put, "she is absolutely his favorite wife," an insider tells The Sun, elaborating on this viewpoint as follows:

“When I saw them, the looks they gave each other, it’s obvious. Every single new wife who comes in are favorite. She’s young, pretty, she’s absolutely favorited.”

Robyn Brown on an Episode
Photo via TLC

As cited above, this ought not to come as a shocker to any long-time follower of the Sister Wives franchise.

Kody divorced his first wife, Meri, in order to legally marry Robyn iin 2014 and adopt her children (from an earlier marriage) as part of the process.

At 41 years old, Robyn is also a decent amount younger than Kody’s first three spouses, too: Meri, 49, Janelle, 50, and Christine, 48.

And it’s not as though Kody has made his extreme affection for Robyn much of a secret of the years.

Robyn Brown Confesses
Photo via TLC

Fans have speculated, for example, that Kody moved his while family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona because Robyn’s son Dayton won a scholarship to the University of Arizona.

Robyn is also the only one of the Sister Wives to live in a home she owns, having reportedly spent this spring and summer’s quarantine inside of it with the Brown patriarch.

Despite the family suffering through some financial challenges, she and Kody purchased a five-bedroom, four-bathroom home for a whopping $890,000 last year.

The other three women are all renting in Flagstaff.

Robyn on Sister Wives
Photo via TLC

Because Kody and Robyn’s relationship has seemed so strrong and secure for so long, fans were surprised this past season to see them clashing on air.

At one point, on one episode, Robyn and Kody got into it because the latter wanted to buy yet another property in Arizona, while the former thought this was an awful idea.

“This is something that we’re fighting about every single day,” the Sister Wives star admitted at the time, as even Christine noticed and noted during the installment:

"Kody and Robyn aren’t doing super great."

Robyn is Sad

Later on, Robyn even hinted that no one should be married to Kody.

"Since we all can’t have a legal marriage, if there was a way for us to just not have any legal marriage, I think that would actually be the best way to do it," Robyn said, coming down hard on the concept of plural marrriage.

She added back then that she felt badly for Meri, whose relationship with Kody has truly been crumbling of late.

Heck, Meri has been spotted these days without her wedding ring, while writing some harsh things about her famous husband.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives, Thanksgiving 2019
Photo via Instagram

"To take a wedding ring off is big in polygamy. It’s Meri’s way of saying, ‘I’m done,’" this The Sun source added.

Know what another way of saying I’m done would be?

Actually straight up coming out and saying it, which Meri did during a counseling session alongside Kody a few months ago.

So, yes, this romance appears to be dead and done.

Hashtag Sister Wives
Photo via TLC

However, even though Robyn has expressed some reservations over the last several weeks, her marriage to Kody won’t be ending any time soon.

If anything, Meri walking away from this entire set-up will only strengthen Robyn and Kody’s bond because it will be one fewer obstacle in the lives of the Brown family as a whole.

Whether this will actually happen, though?

It’s just too hard to say for sure right now.