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Once again, the Sister Wives gang has found themselves in a major predicament.

And once again, we just can’t seem to figure out exactly how this family works.

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OK, so a few family members sell that Lularoe stuff, right?

And we could get into how awful Lularoe is and how predatory their business model is, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Right now, we’re talking about how they’ve been able to turn their Sister Wives following into a Lularoe following, and how they’ve been able to make a whole lot of money because of that.

Because that is very relevant to a sort of shocking bit of new information that Christine shared earlier this week.

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Christine has a Facebook group dedicated to selling clothes, and it has just over 33,000 members at the moment.

And on Wednesday, she shared some pretty personal things with that group.

In a video, she told group members that "What we’re doing, what you guys are doing by helping me so much with your purchases, is you are helping me get something done."

"I can’t go into tons of information," she continued, "but one of my daughters needs a surgery and I need $50,000 for a down payment for the surgery, and you guys are making it happen."

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She said again that she couldn’t reveal anything else about the surgery, but she said "$50,000 for a down payment was so daunting, and so I decided to just work hard."

So she put more effort into making sales, and at this point, she has half the money she needs for the surgery.

"I don’t know how we’d be able to get the surgery that she needs without Lularoe, without doing this, without you guys, without your help," she told her followers.

Christine explained later in the video that she couldn’t say anything else about the surgery because it’s going to be covered on the next season of the show.

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But she did say that they’d discussed this daughter and her health issues extensively on the show, and when someone asked, she said that she wasn’t talking about little Truely.

So if you’ve watched the show, this isn’t at all difficult to figure out, right?

We’re almost certain that she’s talking about Ysabel and that the surgery is for her scoliosis.

In earlier seasons, we saw that after Ysabel was diagnosed, doctors saw that her spine was curving at a pretty fast rate.

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She had to wear a brace at night for her back, and later she also had to start wearing one during the day — it seemed pretty painful and embarrassing for her.

Doctors told Christine and Kody that if the scoliosis kept getting worse, then they would recommend surgery.

Instead, they opted to send Ysabel to some camp to learn exercises that were designed to fix the curvature of the spine.

We haven’t heard much about any of this for a while — last season they were too busy talking about houses — but it sounds like things have gotten to the point where surgery is the only option.

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If you follow the family on social media, you may have seen a photo of Ysabel in a wheelchair, so surgery is probably for the best.

But the thing that many people are taking issue with is that Christine seems to be relying solely on Lularoe sales to get the $50,000 for the surgery.

And isn’t that pretty bizarre when Ysabel is supposed to have four other parents?

We all saw Kody buy Robyn the huge home that cost nearly a million dollars, and we also saw Meri feel the need to rent all those wildly extravagant homes that she lived in alone.

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One of her rentals had an elevator. An elevator.

And what about Coyote Pass?

As far as we know, three of the wives own homes now, are they still holding onto that land in hopes of one day being able to build homes on it, which, by the way, will also cost an absurd amount of money?

Kody likes to think of himself as the head of the family, so why is it all on Christine to get the money for the surgery?

It’s just weird to think of all this then hear Christine say that she’s been pushing her Lularoe stuff harder than ever so poor Ysabel can get a much-needed surgery that could greatly improve the quality of her life.

What do you think of all of this?