Kody Brown Spends Actual Time with Daughter, Renders Sister Wives Fans Speechless

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Look out, readers!

Prepare to duck and take cover because pigs may soon start flying at any second.

Why do we say this?

Kody Brown and Savanah


Janelle Brown stunned followers this week when she shared a seemingly intimate photo of her husband and daughter, 15-year old Savanah, sitting and just hanging out.

As you can see above, Kody is snacking in the picture and the two are chilling in the back of a pickup truck...

... and we're simply gobsmacked.

Kody Brown Interview Pic

Kody has 18 kids, but he's almost never seen with any of them.

Could this be due to his lack of social media presence and he's really a very involved father, we just never see it because he never updates his Instagram page?

Anything is possible, we suppose.

But most of Kody's Sister Wives are very active on this platform and we truly couldn't tell you the last time they posted any snapshots of theirr husband and any of their kids.

Janelle and Kody Brown Together

“COVID has changed our evenings out. I think possibly for the better,” the mom of six  wrote in her caption amid the coronavirus pandemic, adding alongside the photo above:

“We often just load up in the car, grab a picnic or takeout and go for a drive.”

Concluded Janelle:

"A couple of days ago we drove up the mountain to an overlook by our local ski resort. The sunset did not disappoint! It was so beautiful to watch as it slipped below the horizon leaving the shadows surrounding the hill, mountains and meadows below us.

"And why yes, Kody has transitioned to boots and a truck."

Kody Brown on the Finale

Typically, of course, a dad posing alongside his daughter would not be especially noteworthy.

Kody, however, is no ordinary dad.

He has four spouses and, as cited previously, 18 children.

By all accounts, he's not very attentive to any of them, either, as he spends most of his time throwing away his family's money instead.

Kody Brown for Sister Wives

We're only partially kidding.

Many critics emphasized in June that Kody was snubbed on Father's Day -- by everyone.

Not a single one of his four wives sent their well wishes to Kody and none of his kids went public with any messages about how great a father they have or anything.

That has to mean something, right?

Brown, Kody

But, hey, perhaps Kody is turning things around.

That really is a photo up top of him and his teenage daughter.

Amid this pandemic, amid a lockdown that has forced him to spend more time than ever with his family, could Kody be finally realizing what's important in life/

Anything is possible we guess.

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