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Earlier this summer, Becca Kufrin admitted that she was unsure about her future with her bigoted fiance, Garrett Yrigoyen.

Now, some cyber-sleuths pieced together some clues and think that she has finally ended things.

Becca Kufrin Breaks Down

Supporting your close friends does not equate to endorsing their choices — especially their partners.

Last week, Rachel Lindsay said accurately of Garrett Yrigoyen that he is "a piece of s–t."

Though his latest nonsense has been aggressively supporting police during a period of escalating police violence, she notes that this is nothing new.

Rachel Lindsay Red Carpet Photo

“He has doubled down on his beliefs,” Rachel said to explain why she holds him in such well-deserved contempt.

“This is not the first time he has had problematic behavior," she understated.

"When he was on his season," she recalled, "he had a history of ‘liking’ things that were racist, sexist, homophobic, calling the Parkland students ‘child actors.’ I mean, it was a lot.”

Rachel was referring to Garrett’s social media bigotry scandal from 2018, one that broke during Becca’s season — though she only learned of it after they were engaged.

It was exactly as Rachel describes — appalling, dehumanizing "jokes" against the most marginalized people in our society.

As Reality Steve noted at the time, they were not "political" statements but vicious and inhumane in a way that transcends normal political lines.

Garrett Yrigoyen Proposes!

But Rachel despising Garrett because he’s a despicable person and an outspoken bootlicker is not the same thing as Becca leaving him.

However, fans now believe that Becca may be taking those final steps towards cutting ties

(Truth be told, some fans are never going to understand how she put up with him for two whole years once she learned who he really is)

So, why do people think that Garrett’s hard-on for authoritarianism and racism may have cost him his relationship?

Well, Becca left California to quarantine with her family in Minnesota in late June.

She was not present for the wedding of one of Garrett’s friends (we are nothing short of baffled by the idea of attending a wedding during a pandemic).

During a recent taping of her Bachelor Nation podcast with Lindsay, Becca’s engagement ring was nowhere to be seen.

Sure, plenty of people who are engaged or even married will go without their rings for a short period of time.

But when you’re filming yourself, especially with your friend (who despises your fiance), you usually wear the ring.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen Engagement Pic

If Becca has spent so much time away from Garrett doing whatever soul-searching is needed to decide whather to stay with him or be a good person, why not just announce the split?

Some people think that she’s still just mulling it over. We’re not sure what there is to discuss, but we also felt that way in 2018.

Others, however, have a much more practical theory for why Becca may be holding off on turning Garrett into an official ex.

Garrett, Becca

So, here’s the deal with Becca and Garrett: Becca basically gets a payoff if she and Garrett don’t break up until August 6.

Why? Because her engagement ring is a pricey Neil Lane ring, and August 6 will be the two-year mark for when their engagement aired.

Apparently if they wait until then to break up, she can keep the ring (or, you know, sell it for a tidy sum).

Rebecca Kufrin

That fan theory makes a lot of sense … but is Becca that practical of a gal? That’s not an insult — I feel like this is an emotional decision for her, not financial.

In fact, some fans think that Becca may have already split with Garrett and that this was why she was seen going without it.

Whatever the truth, we hope that she makes (or has made) the right call and we wish her luck on finding a fiance who is a good person and worthy of her.