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This has been a difficult summer for Becca Kufrin, whose relationship has been tested by a struggle between her love for her fiance and his bigoted beliefs.

Now, she is clapping back at trolls who are trying to shame her for her relationship issues.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen Pic

Becca’s most recent Instagram post is not even about Garrett Yrigoyen.

Instead, is a photo of her holding her little niece, who is just a baby, while visiting Minnesota.

Unfortunately, trolls decided to give her a hard time in her messages. Fortunately, Becca decided to clap back.

Photo via Instagram

"Some girls just self-destruct in relationships," one commenter decided to taunt Becca under this sweet photo.

"OMG please write an advice book for all of us girls," Becca replied, "who apparently can’t handle ourselves in our own relationships!"

Her clapback, dripping in sarcasm, continued: "We definitely need a man to tell us how to act!"

"So disappointed in you," another commenter vaguely accused without making it clear what they meant.

"I’m SO sorry that [me] spending an afternoon with my niece makes you upset," Becca wrote.

Once again, she’s laying on the sarcasm pretty heavily.

It’s not clear if that second person is upset that Becca is having relationship problems with Garrett … or that she isn’t having enough problems with Garrett.

Even if it’s the latter, which would at least be a fair cause for disappointment, is this the venue for that comment?

It is not. Make your comment about the photo or the caption (in this case, just a string of cute emojis), or bite your tongue.

Photo via Instagram

"All I can say right now is that I don’t know," Becca said about her relationship status back in June.

"I can’t give anything more than that," she admitted. "It’s something that we are trying to work through and discuss and do work on at home at this time."

Becca continued: "And that’s where the work will remain and that’s really the best can give you at this point."

Photo via Instagram

The issues at hand are not a simple bout of relationship problems due to different schedules or a life stressor.

In the midst of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, part of the largest civil rights protest in world history, Garrett made his stand.

He posted a simple black square one day … and the next, he posted a lengthy and impassioned essay about how much he loves law enforcement, even as their violence towards Americans continues to escalate.

That was not all, of course. After Bekah Martinez, Becca’s friend, made a post, things escalated.

Bekah took a "thin blue line" flag (an authoritarian bastardization of the American Flag) and photographed it where it belongs — in the toilet, prompting Garrett to announce that she is no longer welcome at his and Becca’s home.

As tasteless (and possibly controlling) as that was, it got worse as fans remembered why they already despised Garrett.

Garrett, 29
Photo via ABC

During Becca’s season, Garrett’s social media history betrayed that he had "liked" a number of hateful, fringe-right memes.

The posts that he seemingly enjoyed depicted brown-skinned children being thrown over a border wall by US soldiers, and ridiculed feminists, transgender women, and more.

As Reality Steve noted when the scandal broke, this transcended political opinion and was simply appalling.

Photo via Instagram

Becca did not know that when she chose Garrett on her season.

Fans were horrified and more than a little nauseated when they saw that, even after learning who Garrett really was, she decided to stay with him.

Why would Becca, someone known to be a good person, stay with a man like that?

Becca Kufrin and Dog
Photo via Instagram

Some noted that perhaps Becca hoped that Garrett would change through her influence.

Others pointed out that many women think that their loved ones will "change," but that their emotional labor rarely pays off.

In short, you might encourage someone to keep their house tidier, but you can’t "fix" evil.

Becca Kufrin, Garrett Yrigoyen
Photo via Instagram

We don’t yet know what Becca will choose to do about her bigoted fiance.

That is because Becca herself doesn’t know.

Whatever she decides, we’ll be sure to express it in places other than the comments below a cute pic of her niece. That clapback stings.