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It hasn’t been a real surprise to anyone anywhere that The Bachelorette winner Garrett Yrigoyen has bad takes on recent events … with the possible exception of his own fiance, Becca Kufrin.

Becca Kufrin Breaks Down
Photo via ABC

Initially, Becca almost defended Garrett.

Now, she has given additional thought to who her fiance truly is as a person … a person was introduced to us as pretty much exactly who we’re seeing today on ABC a few summers ago.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen Engagement Pic

Some might describe Garrett’s actions as trying to unhinge his jaw to swallow an entire authoritarian boot, metaphorically speaking.

For her part, Becca seems to have realized that her initial reaction to Garrett’s "thin blue line" clownery was just not good enough.

To hear Becca tell it afterwards, his words were a little tone deaf … but she was convinced that his heart was in the right place.

Rebecca Kufrin
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"With so many friends and family in law enforcement," Garrett said, "I couldn’t sit back and not support them."

He proceeded to mix it up with Bachelor star Bekah Martinez and others in an incredibly tone deaf manner.

Becca (with two Cs) had his back … sort of. Not anymore.

Becca Kufrin on Instagram
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After some soul searching, Becca seems to understand that she can’t keep ignoring who Garrett is, at his core.

On her podcast this week, Kufrin is addressing the controversy again – and her regrets about her own comments.

First of all, she apologized to Rachel Lindsay for not giving this “more care and thoughtfulness on her end."

Becca Kufrin, Garrett Yrigoyen
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"We wanted [our first conversation] to be impactful," Becca notes, "we wanted it to be respectful."

"We wanted it to be uncomfortable — which it was," she acknowledges.

"But ultimately," Becca says, "we wanted that conversation to hopefully make a change in our listeners’ hearts."

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"And Rachel," she credits her cohost, "you did succeed where I did not.”

Becca explains that she had truly not been in the right headspace at the time to tackle such an important topic.

The reason for that was that she had been “back in Minneapolis dealing with the loss of my grandfather.”

Garrett Yrigoyen Proposes!
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"When we recorded the podcast," Becca details, "it was 18 hours after Garrett’s social media post."

Too quick, she says now, to have formed an opinion she could fully stand behind.

"So," she explains, "I was dealing with trying to first wrap my head about that."

Garrett Yrigoyen Proposes!
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She was "also dealing with discord within my relationship," Becca acknowledges, "and what it was causing between my family."

It was a lot to handle and social media scandals come at you fast, no doubt about that. So she says it was overwhelming:

"In that moment, it felt like the reservoir in my brain had reached a maximum and I couldn’t process everything at once."

Confess, Becca
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When it comes to her engagement to Garrett, which has lasted more than two years despite Becca’s better judgment, she gets honest.

"All I can say right now" regarding her relationship, she admits, "is that I don’t know."

"I can’t give anything more than that," Becca says apologetically.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen
Photo via ABC

At the very least, that is an honest response.

It can’t be easy to say publicly. But "it’s something that we are trying to work through and discuss," Kufrin emphasizes.

"And," she continues, it’s something that is still a fluid situation, as they are trying to "do work on at home at this time."

Holding Her Rose
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Where will this all end up? No one knows. Not even Kufrin. But the work toward figuring out the answer begins at home.

"And that’s where the work will remain," the 30-year-old Becca affirms.

"And," she shares, "that’s really the best can give you at this point."

Photo via Bravo

Rachel responds: "The fact is, is that when you have someone who’s willing to learn. How as a friend can I not be willing to help out and be there for you?”

That does not mean that she is endorsing anything with Becca’s fiance. Just that she is an empathetic friend.

Becca may still be making up her mind, but Rachel – like so many of us – has already rendered a verdict.

Garrett, Becca
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“Now Garrett, that’s a different situation," Rachel states.

Simply put, she announces: "I don’t f–k with Garrett."

"I don’t need to," Rachel explains. "But you and I have a different relationship, and so I appreciate everything that you just said."

Rachel Lindsay Motives You
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Becca still sounds like she has a foot in two worlds.

One world is a world of her beliefs in human rights, in equality, in good values and positive change for the world.

The other world is her relationship with Garrett, one that has in many ways changed how fans view her.

But it’s definitely progress to hear her acknowledge that she can’t speak for her fiance, and that she’s sorting things out.

Curiously, Becca also shared an Instagram Story this week that made her fans raise their eyebrows and then some.

After making a reference to the hit show Dexter, she shared photos of a pile of garbage bags loaded into a vehicle.

Some fans have speculated that this may mean that either she or Garrett are taking some physical space apart.

While a lot of fans would be happy to see it, others aren’t willing to bet on it. Then again, these are unusual times.

Stay tuned.