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It’s been over a month since David Eason pistol-whipped one of Jenelle Evans’ friends, and yet, the former Teen Mom 2 star still walks free.

Of course, this is nothing new, as David has been committing violent crimes and getting away scot-free for several years now.

Dave Eason

Remember when he allegedly broke Jenelle’s collarbone?

Yeah, David walked away from that incident completely unscathed.

Or how about when Eason shot and killed Evans’ dog during one of his infamous fits of rage?

David with Nugget

That also didn’t result in any sort of consequences for Jenelle’s chronically unemployed sponge-husband.

But now, it looks like the walls might be starting to close in on Eason.

Sure, the wheels of justice are turning very, very slowly in this case, but just like Al Capone getting locked up for tax evasion, David might finally face some consequences as the result of a series of minor infractions.

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, David was pulled over for speeding on July 13 and the officer wrote him an additional ticket for driving without a license.

Yes, on top of everything else, David had his license revoked at some point.

There’s no word on why that is, and the court records with regard to his infraction have been sealed.

David Eason as a Dad

But a court clerk for Columbus County, North Carolina informed The Ashley that David was not recently charged with a DUI.

Driving without a license might not seem like such a big deal on its own — and it’s certainly not, compared to David’s other infractions — but the timing couldn’t be worse.

(Or better, if you’re one of the many, many people hoping David will finally get locked up,)

David Eason Stupid

Eason is due to appear in court not once, but twice in the next week alone.

Not only that, but he’s set to make an appearance on October 30 in connection with his revoked license.

Will any of these charges be enough to land David behind bars?

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in NY

Probably not, but the more "minor" offenses he racks up, the more likely it is that he’ll eventually face some actual consequences as a result of a probation violation.

As for his current charges, Eason will likely wind up with probation, a fine, and community service.

Those latter two will likely cause him some problems, considering the man hasn’t been employed since 2018.

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

Normally, we’d say his wife would take care of the situation for him, but recent developments seem to indicate that Jenelle is broke herself.

And of course, she won’t be able to serve his community service for him, and it’s been quite some time since Eason was forced to show up someplace on time and follow orders.

Not only that, Jenelle will have to give him a ride to the job site due to his suspended license.

Should be an appropriately humiliating experience for a guy who 100 percent deserves as much!