Jenelle Evans Comes For David Eason Mistress: "Britt" is a Friggen Loser Internet Groupie!

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Back in 2019, Jenelle Evans and David Eason broke up.

We know. It was last year, but feels like a lifetime ago.

These two break up about once a month or so, but at that timme, it actually looked like it might be totes over for good.

We're sure you'll recall the bizarre and frankly terrifying series of events that led up to Jenelle being fired by MTV:

David shot her friggen dog; RIP Nugget.

CPS took the kids.

Somehow they got them back; Jenelle tried to leave him and eventually moved out of state, only to return and act like it was NBD.

it was a mess.

Again, it wasn't long before Evans and Eason reconciled, but while they were split up, he had a fling with a Teen Mom 2 fan.

Seriously. There are fans deranged enough to seek out the company of Dave Eason - and not as a joke or prank, etc.

Even nuttier, it seems that the young woman in question was actually into this racist maniac - and didn't want to let him go!

What did Jenelle think about it all?

You gotta see this.

1. The Not-So-Happy Couple

The Not-So-Happy Couple
When Jenelle Evans and David Eason broke up last year, he entered a relationship with another woman. In related news: Apparently, there are multiple women on this planet willing to be in the same vicinity as David Eason.

2. Rough Times Ahead

Rough Times Ahead
Not only did David Eason have a piece on the side, but now, she's back in the picture! And we probably don't need to tell you Jenelle is NOT happy about it!

3. One Thing After Another

One Thing After Another
Obviously, David and Jenelle have had their share of ups and downs over the years. In fact, as far as we can tell, they've never set foot on level ground at any point in their relationship.

4. Taking Comfort Where She Can Find It

Taking Comfort Where She Can Find It
But throughout her time with Eason -- despite his many instances of appalling behavior -- Evans had maintained that he's never cheated on her. She might not be able to say that any longer ...

5. Remember Her?

Remember Her?
You might remember Britt Walker as the woman who started hooking up with David about a week after Jenelle fled the land and moved to Nashville.

6. Two Can Play at THIS Game!

Two Can Play at THIS Game!
At the time, it looked like Britt was nothing more than a revenge fling, as Jenelle had entered a relationship with a young Massachusetts resident named Herbie Wilkinson.

7. Herb Out

Herb Out
Eventually, Herbie soured on Jenelle; she left Nashville, and got back together with David.

8. Theories Abound

Theories Abound
Some say she couldn't stand being alone. Others insist the whole "breakup" was a scam to help her win her old job back.

9. Reunited

Whatever the case, despite the fact that David KILLED HER FREAKIN' DOG, Jenelle was back in his arms a few weeks later.

10. Guess Who's Back

Guess Who's Back
Most fans assumed that would be the last we'd hear from ol' Britt. But, oh, how wrong they were.

11. Back Again

Back Again
In a glorious bit of trolling, Britt reposted this photo of herself and David this week. And she added a new caption.

12. Britt Is Back

Britt Is Back
“Memories. This was a fun day but crazy in the end," Walker wrote.

13. Tell Jenelle

Tell Jenelle
Fans (yes, Jenelle still has fans) were quick to call the situation to Evans' attention. Not surprisingly, she was less than pleased.

14. Snitches Get Prompt Replies

Snitches Get Prompt Replies
"Did you see the pic Brit Walker posted of her and David?" one fan asked.

15. Angry Evans

Angry Evans
“Yeah, apparently she's obsessed,” Jenelle wrote, adding disgruntled-face emoji, in case there was any doubt regarding her feelings toward Walker.

16. Follow Up Questions

Follow Up Questions
"Who is this girl, Brittany, David was with?" another fan asked.

17. The Old "Obsessed Fan" Explanation

The Old "Obsessed Fan" Explanation
“An obsessed fan that posted an old pic with David when we were separated," Evans responded.

18. Getting Angrier ...

Getting Angrier ...
“She has posted it before but deleted it. Why is she posting again? Have no idea. Weird…” Evans added, as though she's not one of the world's leading experts on exhibiting bizarre, obsessive behavior on social media.

19. The Swamp Lady Doth Protest Too Much

The Swamp Lady Doth Protest Too Much
If that were the end of the story, we might be inclined to believe that Britt is an overzealous ex who briefly resurfaced, and Jenelle eventually got over it.

20. Obsessing

But Jenelle is still posting through her pain, prattling on about Britt in a way that lets us know the girl is living rent-free in Evans' noggin.

21. A History

A History
Jenelle is now claiming that Britt is a Teen Mom groupie, a la Matt Baier, and that she tried hooking up with several other stars of the show before eventually banging David.

22. She's Not Picky

She's Not Picky
"This chick has also hung out with Andrew Glennon," Evans alleged in her latest Instagram Story.

23. Ex on the Beach

Ex on the Beach
Jenelle went on to claim that Britt "even tried getting with Nathan [Griffith]," the father of her son Kaiser, "before hitting up David."

24. Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade
From there, Jenelle accused Britt of cheating on her spouse, writing, "If you're so 'in love' then leave the past in the past and go show your attention to your HUSBAND."

25. Something Tells Us You DO Care

Something Tells Us You DO Care
"I was separated when David did his own thing and idc cuz I did my own thing too...duh," Jenelle continued.

26. The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens
Of course, Britt was also separated when she hooked up with David last year. So Jenelle's argument makes no sense ... unless something has happened since.

27. Yes, It Is

Yes, It Is
"Trying to get me upset, it's not working," Jenelle added, probably through a veil of rage tears.

28. Whatever You Say

Whatever You Say
Unable to simply drop the subject like any sane person would, Evans added, "But since I have moved back to NC in Feb. David has not cheated on me and never has in the past. Facts are facts."

29. The Jealousy Monster

The Jealousy Monster
Clearly, Jenelle is deeply upset that she and David have both banged other people in the short time they've been married, and she's taking her rage out on Brittany ... which is objectively hilarious.

30. The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh
But the funniest part is that she deflated David's ego by claiming that Britt is just a Teen Mom groupie who would bang anyone associated with the franchise. The guy is already so fragile. That really had to sting!

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