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Back in 2019, Jenelle Evans and David Eason broke up.

We know. It was last year, but feels like a lifetime ago.

These two break up about once a month or so, but at that timme, it actually looked like it might be totes over for good.

We’re sure you’ll recall the bizarre and frankly terrifying series of events that led up to Jenelle being fired by MTV:

David shot her friggen dog; RIP Nugget.

CPS took the kids.

Somehow they got them back; Jenelle tried to leave him and eventually moved out of state, only to return and act like it was NBD.

it was a mess.

Again, it wasn’t long before Evans and Eason reconciled, but while they were split up, he had a fling with a Teen Mom 2 fan.

Seriously. There are fans deranged enough to seek out the company of Dave Eason – and not as a joke or prank, etc.

Even nuttier, it seems that the young woman in question was actually into this racist maniac – and didn’t want to let him go!

What did Jenelle think about it all?

You gotta see this.