Jenelle Evans: No One Will Babysit For Me Because My Husband's a Psycho, Dude!

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You might be going a bit stir crazy in lockdown, but look at this another opportunity to remind yourself that things could always be worse.

For example, you could be Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

Jenelle is back together with David Eason these days, and while there haven't been any violent incidents that we know of, it seems life on The Land is really beginning to take a toll on the couple.

North Carolina has started easing its lockdown restrictions, and the Eason clan began taking advantage at the earliest opportunity.

Last weekend, Jenelle celebrated Mother's Day with her family in tow.

And it seems that this weekend, Jenelle and David are hoping to flee The Land once again -- this time, without kids.

Jenelle Evans: Mother's Day 2020

There's only one problem -- apparently, David and Jenelle can't get anyone to watch their children for a few hours.

Eason took to Facebook this week to gripe about the lack of available babysitters in the area surrounding The Land.

"Does anyone else not have one single person to babysit and always do absolutley [sic] everything with your kids?" he asked his followers.

Jenelle was quick to reply with "#TrueStory".

Dave on FB

Obviously, we're not surprised that David and Jenelle are having this problem.

But we can't help but wonder which of the many, many valid reasons to turn them down is the most common.

Is it the fact that Jenelle and David are broke and they want someone to watch their kids in exchange for one of those chintzy leather bracelets David tried to sell online?

Or is it the fact that David is a dog-killing maniac, and sitters fear that they'll end up in some sort of Texas Chainsaw Massacre nightmare if they accidentally stumble upon his Unabomber gun shed?

Jace, Ensley, and Kaiser

It must be a strange feeling when a couple who just lost custody of their kids a year ago calls and asks you to babysit.

Part of you must want to be like, "Maybe you should spend some time with the tykes so you'll have some memories to hold onto if they get taken away again!"

Frankly, we're shocked that Jenelle and David bother hiring a sitter at all, and they don't just abandon the kids with instructions to make their own mayonnaise sandwiches for dinner.

We guess these two learned something from those court-mandated parenting classes, after all!

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