Jenelle Evans: Losing Custody of Her Kids For a YEAR ... or Even Longer?! [UPDATED]

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Jenelle Evans has been having a tough few weeks.

What an understatement, right?

Her husband murdered her dog, she lost her Teen Mom 2 gig, and now we've learned that CPS has taken Kaiser and is possibly in the process of taking Ensley.

It's bad.

And honestly, it looks like it's only going to get worse.

1. What a Time

What a Time
Yeah, so Jenelle's whole entire life has basically fallen apart in just the past few weeks.

2. Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild
Which is especially impressive when you consider that it was never even that great to begin with.

3. Then vs. Now

Then vs. Now
This time last month, she was floating along with her douchebag swamp monster of a husband, David Eason. She had her MTV job, full custody of Kaiser and Ensley and visitation with Jace. Life was OK.

4. Ugh

Then David beat and killed her French bulldog puppy, Nugget. And after that, everything pretty much went all to hell.

5. Nice Try

Nice Try
She sold some statements about how she was considering divorcing David for what he'd done, but just a few days later she was back home, pretending like everything was normal.

6. Not So Much

Not So Much
It wasn't normal, though. Not even a little bit.

7. Justice for Nugget

Justice for Nugget
Her local sheriff's department, along with animal control, started an investigation into Nugget's death.

8. Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry
And the backlash over the poor dog's murder was so intense that MTV announced they'd no longer be filming Jenelle.

9. What Next?

What Next?
And so there she was -- her dog was dead, her husband had killed it, and she lost a ridiculously high-paying job with no real chance of getting any other kind of employment.

10. Unfortunate

As she famously quoted back in the day, "nothing else worse can happen," right?

11. Hold Up

Hold Up
Wrong. Something worse did happen, and that something was that CPS got involved at the urging of the detectives investigating David.

12. Save Kaiser

Save Kaiser
They told Nathan Griffith and his mother, Doris, to pick Kaiser up from preschool on Friday because they believed it wasn't safe for him to be home with Jenelle and David, and they did.

13. And Also Jace

And Also Jace
Likewise, they put a stop to Jenelle's visits with Jace, which wasn't hard because Barbara hasn't been letting him see her anyway after what happened with Nugget.

14. Ensley, Too

Ensley, Too
As for Ensley, other reports claim that CPS advised Jenelle to take her to stay at a friend's home unless she wanted her taken, too, and Jenelle complied.

15. So Aggravated, Dude

So Aggravated, Dude
But she's not happy about any of it.

16. Oh No, Not Before Mother's Day

Oh No, Not Before Mother's Day
Jenelle's already made a statement about the situation, explaining that “Kaiser was taken away Friday without my consent, before Mother’s Day, and I have been in touch with my lawyer pertaining this matter."

17. Good for Kaiser

Good for Kaiser
"Kaiser was taken from his daycare by his grandmother with no notice or call to me. CPS told Doris to take Kaiser without my consent and still have no legal paperwork signed by the judge stating my kids are taken from me.”

18. Weird

She said that she and Nathan have spoken briefly about all of this, and that "Surprisingly, me and Nathan have been getting along, so I’m willing to maybe let his visits be unsupervised. Me and Nathan have been in contact during all of this. He doesn’t want Kaiser taken from me.”

19. Girl, Stop

“My legal team has been on this since it [occurred]," she continued. "I’ve been fighting to get my son back, as they went behind my back and removed him without my consent.”

20. Suuuure

Jenelle also claimed that CPS hasn't done anything in regards to her visits with Jace, and that “My mom is keeping Jace from me, nobody else. I only had Ensley with me for Mother’s Day this year. And my mom is taking it out on me for being let go from MTV.”

21. LOL

She said that she and David are going to marriage counseling, and that his older daughter, Maryssa, is still with them and that she's "frustrated" by seeing so many negative things about her dad when she knows the truth. We're sure that's accurate.

22. What's Best

What's Best
When she gave this statement, nothing had happened with Ensley yet, but she did say that “At this time, I want to focus on what’s best for myself and my family. My lawyer has been advising me on what to do and what has gone wrong in this whole situation.”

23. Dude

“Any rumors that come out, I would like for everyone to just step back and think, ’Is this from Jenelle? No, it’s not true.' I’m very open with the public and my life and will continue to be. Right now, I need this time to just hang out with my family. I need them so bad right now.”

24. Here We Go

Here We Go
As you can see, the delusions are SO REAL.

25. Get Real

Get Real
Like, of course CPS had Nathan and Doris pick up Kaiser without her consent. Did she think she could have told them "no" and they'd just be like "oh, well, forget it then"?

26. Get It Together

Get It Together
It's just insane, isn't it? CPS removed Kaiser from her home, they put a stop to her visits with Jace and they nearly took Ensley, too, but she's focusing on how she didn't even have all her kids with her for Mother's Day.

27. What a Shocker

What a Shocker
It's almost like she's not fit to be raising children at all. And with everything that's been going on, there's a solid chance that she won't be doing it anymore anyway.

28. Jace's Great Escape

Jace's Great Escape
So when it comes to custody, she's already lost it with Jace. Barbara has been awarded full, permanent custody, and unless something catastophic happens, she'll be keeping it until Jace turns 18.

29. Ouch

In the custody agreement though, Barbara made sure to require Jenelle to provide a safe, stable environment for Jace when he does visit, and obviously she's not doing that.

30. For the Best?

For the Best?
We honestly wouldn't be surprised if the agreement changed to only allow Jenelle to see Jace at a visitation center, like Adam Lind's situation with Aubree.

31. Little Kaiser

Little Kaiser
With Kaiser, things are a little more difficult, since Jenelle does have full custody of him at the moment, with Nathan having supervised visits (his mother supervises).

32. However ...

However ...
But Nathan has been working on switching that around so that he's the one with full custody, and they do have that court date later this month. How could Jenelle possibly maintain full custody when CPS just removed Kaiser from her care?

33. Big Changes Coming?

Big Changes Coming?
It seems much more likely that Nathan would be given custody, or if not Nathan, his mother. We really just cannot imagine a judge giving Kaiser back to Jenelle fulltime after everything that's been going on.

34. Wow

So to recap, Jenelle doesn't even have custody of Jace, and we can't see her keeping custody of Kaiser, either.

35. Poor, Poor Ensley

Poor, Poor Ensley
Ensley, meanwhile, is in the worst position, because she doesn't have a safe parent that can rescue her. All she has is Jenelle and David.

36. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
But if CPS did tell Jenelle to remove her from the home or they'd remove her themselves, then obviously the situation isn't great.

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