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The entire fandom is buzzing about the 9 hours of 90 Day Fiance Tell All footage that leaked … and about one of the accusations leveled at Lisa.

The self-styled Baby Girl was accused on camera of calling her husband, Usman, the N-word. Now, he is apologizing.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

We already reported on the vicious fight between Lisa Hamme and Big Ed Brown that went down during the Tell All taping.

For the most part, Usman Umar played the role of peacemaker … but he also had some alarming things to share about his wife.

"Lisa, last week you called me n—-r," Usman accused his wife.

He added that this is something "which I know is totally inappropriate in America."

Usman Umar Smiles
Photo via TLC

For someone who has been called the literal worst word in any language, Usman sounds remarkably chill about it.

‘You called me n—-r," Usman reiterated.

"I don’t even get angry about it," he told his wife.

Usman explained that he was not shocked by her use of the vile slur "because I am used to how you are behaving."

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The justified outrage that Lisa would use this inexcusable slur at all, let alone direct it at her husband, has been intense.

It reached a point at which Usman had to take to Instagram … and issued an apology to his fans.

"Hello Everyone my name is Usman a.k.a SOJABOY from 90Days Fiance," he begins.

Usman writes: "I got a lot of DMs from my FANS and FRNDS getting so much worry about the name I was call from LISA (the N word)."

Usman is Famous
Photo via TLC

"First of all I wana say Sorry to all African Americans ( Black Americans )," he expresses.

"And," Usman continues, "to all my fans that feel bad and disgrace about that."

"And I’m sorry," he reiterates, "and I promise you things are going to be better."

"Stay Safe and Just know that SOJABOY love you so much and I appreciate you," Usman concludes his message.

Lisa Hamme on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

We hope that we do not have to explain that Usman has nothing for which to apologize.

(Okay, arguably, one might say that he owes fellow black people in the US and elsewhere an apology for marrying Lisa, but I won’t say that)

He is the victim of the verbal abuse that he describes.

Obviously, he does not need to apologize on his wife’s behalf. This is her wrongdoing, not his.

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There is simply no excuse for someone who is no black to use the N-word.

Sadly, using this vicious slur as a weapon against her husband is not Lisa’s only offense.

She has apparently felt free to use the word on social media.

And while that appears to be Lisa’s favorite slur, it’s not the only one that she uses.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme
Photo via Instagram

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme uses racist and homophobic slurs openly on social media, both the racist N-word and the homophobic F-slur.

It is unclear why she feels entitled to use this words that she should never, ever utter.

Being married to a black man does not magically give her license to use the N-word. She’s still white.

Slurs are not obscenities, they are verbal weapons that reinforce pernicious power structures against marginalized communities.

Lisa Hamme Explains
Photo via TLC

The best thing that we can say about Lisa, just as with Big Ed, is that she is not the worst person on this season.

That award goes to the violent criminal Geoffrey Paschel, whose trial date for his latest alleged domestic violence keeps being postponed during this pandemic.

But being better than an accused wifebeater and rapist isn’t the same thing as being a good person, or even an acceptable person.

Lisa, not Usman, should be the one issuing a thorough apology.