Jenelle Evans Snubs Barbara Evans, Attempts to Convince World Her Family Is Functional

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Around this time last year, Jenelle Evans lost custody of her kids following a CPS investigation that uncovered evidence of abuse and neglect.

So we guess she had a lot to celebrate this Mother's Day.

Not only did Evans somehow convince a judge to give her back her kids, she's now repaired her relationship with her husband after fleeing to Tennessee and filing for a restraining order against David Eason last year.

Obviously, Jenelle's situation is still very, very sad, but on social media, she's putting her best foot forward and trying to convince the world that all is well.

Of course, there's always drama just under the surface for Jenelle, and fans were quick to point out that her latest Instagram posts revealed signs of a renewed feud.

Take a look:

1. What a Beach

What a Beach
Jenelle Evans is wishing herself a happy Mother's Day! The unemployed former reality star marked the occasion by taking her kids to the beach and attempting to create the impression that all is well!

2. David Out of Frame

David Out of Frame
"Happy Mother’s Day," Evans captioned her photo set. "Little late on posting but I hope you all had a good one."

3. The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All Here
"I’m so grateful I could have all the kids together this year #MothersDay #BeachDay #FamilyFirst," she added

4. A Milestone Event

A Milestone Event
Yes, apparently, this was the first time that Jenelle had all of her kids AND David's kids with her on Mother's Day.

5. Well, Almost ....

Well, Almost ....
Actually, David still isn't allowed to see Kaden, his son from an earlier relationship. But hey, four out of five ain't bad!

6. Kaiser Time

Kaiser Time
She marked the occasion by posting lots of photos of her family on the beach, especially Kaiser, who shows up multiple times in Jenelle's photo set.

7. The Real Victim

The Real Victim
It's an interesting choice, as Kaiser is the kid who was rumored to have been most harshly mistreated by David.

8. Hate for Nate

Hate for Nate
It's been rumored that Kaiser was singled out by David because of Eason's dislike for the boy's father, Nathan Griffith.

9. Damage Control

Damage Control
Whatever the case, Jenelle's goal here was clear: to create the impression that despite all the recent upheaval in her life, all is well in the Evans-Eason clan.

10. We Have Our Doubts

We Have Our Doubts
Not surprisingly, a lot of fans weren't buying it.

11. Image Control

Image Control
For starters, this is not the first time in recent weeks that Jenelle has attempted to create the impression that her family life has done a miraculous 180, and all is suddenly well in her household.

12. So Happy Together

So Happy Together
The previous attempt consisted of a photo collage showing Jenelle and David in a state of marital bliss.

13. Yeah, Right

Yeah, Right
This might have been easier to believe were it not for the fact that the two of them were recently in court to hash out the terms of her restraining order against him.

14. The Babs Factor

The Babs Factor
On top of that, fans were quick to point out that Jenelle never even wished a happy Mother's Day to her own mother, Barbara Evans.

15. Whoops!

"No happy Mother’s Day to ur own mother," one fan wrote.

16. Doing Her Best

Doing Her Best
Not surprisingly, Jenelle didn't reply to that comment. She also appears to have done a whole lot of deleting, as the pics received far fewer comments than most of her posts.

17. Burying the Hatchet

Burying the Hatchet
Jenelle recently claimed that after years of tension, David and Barbara are finally getting along.

18. Someone Should Tell Them They Like Each Other Now

Someone Should Tell Them They Like Each Other Now
For a number of reasons, however, fans are having a hard time believing that. For starters, neither David or Babs said anything to back up that claim.

19. A Tad Suspicious

A Tad Suspicious
On top of that, they haven't been seen together since Jenelle made her controversial return to North Carolina after fleeing to Tennessee and accusing David of abuse.

20. The Lesser of Two Evils

The Lesser of Two Evils
Babs certainly has her issues, but fans have always respected her for the way she stands her ground against David.

21. The Never-Ending Feud

The Never-Ending Feud
So when Jenelle "forgot" to make any mention of her mother in her Mother's Day post, it probably wasn't an accident.

22. Back At It

Back At It
The more likely explanation is that Babs is once again persona non grata in the Evans-Eason household.

23. Nice Try

Nice Try
And Jenelle and David are once again attempting to convince the world that their marriage is blissfully happy.

24. It's Pretty Easy

It's Pretty Easy
We're sure they have some people convinced. But there are many more who see right through the charade.

25. The Liar's Life

The Liar's Life
Which means Jenelle will need to continue sifting through her comments and deleting the replies from people who see the truth. Sounds exhausting.

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