Jenelle Evans to David Eason: We're BROKE! You Need to Get a Job!

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From the moment that Jenelle Evans announced her separation from David Eason, critics and nay-sayers put forth two predictions:

1. Left to her own devices, Jenelle would quickly burn through the last of her money.

2. When her situation became desperate enough, she would go running back to David.

Now we know that for someone whose erratic behavior is the stuff of legend, the Carolina Hurricane is depressingly predictable.

Despite her recent claims to the contrary, Jenelle is back with David, and the Easons are officially broke.

Now, Jenelle is leaving it up to David to fix the family's financial situation.

What could go wrong?

1. Hard Times on the Land

Hard Times on the Land
Well, it finally happened -- Jenelle Evans and David Eason have run out of money. It seems Jenelle has a solution in mind, and of course, it's one that doesn't require her to get a job.

2. Coming Clean

Coming Clean
Jenelle is still lying and pretending that she and David are not back together. But in every other way, her latest interview is surprisingly candid.

3. Desperate Times

Desperate Times
One thing that Jenelle is being honest about these days is her financial situation -- and apparently, it's turned quite ugly in recent weeks.

4. Pointing the Finger

Pointing the Finger
Of course, she's still not accepting responsibility for her situation, and is instead placing the blame on David Eason.

5. Partial Truths

Partial Truths
In a new interview with Teen Mom Talk Now, Jenelle "admits" for the first time that she's thinking about reconciling with David -- but she says he'll have to step up and prove himself as an earner in order to win her back.

6. Back and Forth

Back and Forth
“My mind keeps going back and forth on what I should do,” Evans tells the outlet. “I do have an apartment in Tennessee, and I still do have my house here, so at the moment I’m kind of back and forth… I haven’t made an ultimate decision of what I’m doing.

7. Two-State Solution

Two-State Solution
From there, Evans gripes that she's currently paying for homes in two states, and the expense is starting to create a strain on her finances.

8. Living Expenses

Living Expenses
“I pay rent [in Tennessee] and a mortgage [in North Carolina],” she added. “I can’t be paying thousands of dollars for two different places, so that’s another big issue I’m dealing with.”

9. Lies On Top of Lies

Lies On Top of Lies
"Rent [in Tennessee] and a mortgage [in North Carolina]" might sound like a country song, but it's the reality of Jenelle's current situation -- which is funny, considering she spent years claiming "The Land" was fully paid off.

10. It Begins

It Begins
Anyway, griping about her expenses seems to be Jenelle's way of preparing people for her inevitable reconciliation announcement.

11. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
She'll pretend that she and David needed to try and make things work for the sake of their financial situation, so that they might raise their daughter in a more stable environment.

12. Master Manipulator

Master Manipulator
Yes, in order to distract attention from the fact that she's once again putting her children in harm's way by forcing them to live with a known abuser, Jenelle will pretend she's doing it for their sake.

13. Already In Motion

Already In Motion
The process is moving along quite rapidly. In fact, Jenelle hinted at the likelihood of a reconciliation in her Teen Mom Talk Now interview.

14. Translation: They're Back Together

Translation: They're Back Together
“As of now, I still tell people we’re not back together,” she says. “He has a lot to prove to me, and he has a lot to change about himself, and he knows that.”

15. Not the Brightest Bulb

Not the Brightest Bulb
Jenelle probably doesn't realize she just admitted she's back together with David, but that's exactly what happened.

16. Easing the Transition

Easing the Transition
Perhaps anticipating the blowback she'll receive when she does make the announcement, Jenelle is claiming that her decision to dump David had nothing to do with all those years of abuse allegations.

17. Abuse Excuse

Abuse Excuse
“[Our breakup] had nothing to do with him intentionally doing something because he hates the kids or him hurting the kids,” Jenelle says.

18. She's the Worst

She's the Worst
“It had nothing to do with that. It had to do with me and David putting each other down as parents, calling [each other] names in front of the kids and cussing in front of the kids," she adds.

19. They Deserve Each Other

They Deserve Each Other
“I just want everyone to know if me and David did reconcile things, it’s because of issues me and him had between ourselves,” Evans concludes.

20. Yikes

And to think, there was a time when people gave Jenelle credit for leaving David because of his abusive tendencies.

21. The Proof

Because he was/is abusive. Make no mistake about that. There are mountains of evidence that attest to this fact.

22. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident
In fact, when she finally left his ass, David had recently murdered Jenelle's dog in a fit of rage, a crime she initially helped him conceal.

23. Terrifying Stuff

Terrifying Stuff
All of this took place in front of her kids, who were no doubt deeply traumatized by the incident.

24. Unbelievable

But apparently that didn't bother Jenelle. The thought of getting a real job, though? Well, that's terrifying enough to drive her back to the man who abused her kids and killed her dog.

25. Gruesome Twosome

Gruesome Twosome
Have we mentioned that these two deserve each other? Because these two totally deserve each other.

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