Jenelle Evans Finally Confesses: YES, I'm Back With David Eason!

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We can now safely say that when Jenelle Evans claimed to have separated from David Eason last year, she was lying to the public in a last-ditch effort to save her career.

What fans had hoped would be a step in the right direction for Evans turned out to be nothing more than the latest con perpetrated by a lifelong grifter.

David, of course, was almost certainly involved every step of the way.

After Eason killed Evans' dog, and the resulting CPS investigation caused the the couple to lose custody of their kids, it became clear that Jenelle would never get back on TV as long as she was married to Eason -- and so, the couple orchestrated a hoax.

And now, Jenelle is finally -- albeit gradually -- coming clean.

Take a look:

1. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Jenelle Evans is back together with David Eason after several months of living separately as part of an elaborate hoax.

2. A Failed Con

A Failed Con
The couple had hoped their fake separation would help to save Jenelle's career and public image.

3. Busted

Obviously, that didn't happen, partially because it soon became apparent Jenelle had not actually ended her relationship with David, as she claimed in October.

4. An Elaborate Hoax

An Elaborate Hoax
She went through the motions -- moving to a different state, filing for a restraining order -- but fans were quick to pick up on the fact that she and David were still on good terms with one another.

5. Yeah Right

Yeah Right
And we probably don't need to tell you that these are NOT people who are capable of separating and remaining civil for the sake of their child.

6. Interesting Development

Interesting Development
First, Jenelle dropped her restraining order against David, a strange move for a woman who had recently informed a judge that she feared for her life and the lives of her children.

7. Music City Miracle

Music City Miracle
Shortly thereafter, Jenelle was spotted hanging out with David near her new home in Nashville.

8. Caught In the Act

Caught In the Act
Not long after that, Jenelle accidentally revealed that she and David were spending time together and the property they own in North Carolina.

9. Barely Hiding It

Barely Hiding It
Fans noticed that Jenelle and David were both posting photos and live-streams from "The Land" on the same day, and often at the same time.

10. Not as Dumb as She Thinks We Are

Not as Dumb as She Thinks We Are
Shortly thereafter, Evans announced that she'll be launching a "fun new project" in the weeks to come. Many fans assumed that she had beaten the odds and found a way to return to television.

11. Dropping Clues

Instead, it turned out that Jenelle had decided to launch a YouTube channel featuring mundane videos shot by -- you guessed it -- David Eason.

12. One Mistake After Another

One Mistake After Another
A week later, Evans essentially confessed that she and David had staged a robbery that took place on their land in North Carolina earlier this year.

13. Partners In Crime

Partners In Crime
At the time, David was allegedly on the land by himself, and he informed police that someone had stolen his boat, guns, Jenelle's jewelry, and his ATVs.

14. Not the Brightest Bulb

Not the Brightest Bulb
As though she were conducting a class in how not to orchestrate a fake robbery, Jenelle posted a Facebook status addressed to her friend Katrina, in which she essentially confessed that the whole thing was a hoax.

15. Yes, She Really Wrote That

Yes, She Really Wrote That

16. Painfully Obvious

Painfully Obvious
At this point, even Jenelle's biggest defenders had come to terms with the fact that she and David were obviously back together and had probably never split up.

17. Accidental Honesty

Accidental Honesty
Jenelle still hasn't fully admitted that she's returned to The Land, but this week, she posted a tweet that might be the closest we'll ever get to a full confession.

18. Dodging the Question

Dodging the Question
"The thing is... I’m living my life regardless of what anyone says or no matter wtf I’m doing," Evans tweeted in response to a fan's question about her relationship status.

19. Come Again?

Come Again?
"I’m not obligated to owe anyone an explanation," she continued, in a sentence that comes close to making sense.

20. Giving Up on a Comeback?

Giving Up on a Comeback?
"My life isn’t shared on tv anymore, sorry. I’m not trying to impress any damn person," Evans concluded.

21. Going Off

Going Off
It sounds as though Jenelle has come to terms with the fact that her career as a TV personality has officially come to an end.

22. Hard Times on The Land

Hard Times on The Land
That leaves the question of how the hell these two plan to support themselves.

23. A Lot of Mouths

A Lot of Mouths
After all, Jenelle and David have five kids between them, and somehow, they still have custody of most of those children.

24. No Income Coming In

No Income Coming In
Jenelle got fired from MTV nearly a year ago, and David hasn't worked since 2017.

25. Tough Talk

Tough Talk
Jenelle likes to act like she feels no need to explain her actions, but the fact is, she's the one who staged her breakup with David in an effort to save her reputation.

26. The Truth

The Truth
And the reason she won't come fully out and admit that she's back with her child- and animal-abusing ex, is that on some level, she's still hoping to make a TV comeback -- and she knows that will never happen if she's with David.

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