MTV to Jenelle Evans: We'll Take You Back ... If Kailyn Lowry Wants Us To!

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It's been over a year since Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2.

At this point, Evans has grudgingly given up on winning her old job back, but there was a time when Jenelle was willing to do just about anything to get back on TV -- including burying the hatchet with her longtime rival.

Jenelle and Kail

Yes, Evans has been claiming for quite some time that MTV wants her back, and while that may have once been true, it seems they never planned to bring her back as a full-time cast member.

Instead, Jenelle would have been a part of Kailyn Lowry's storyline.

“MTV was planning to fly Kail to Tennessee, where Jenelle was living [before going home to North Carolina to be with David],” one behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

“Kail was not going alone, though; [MTV] was flying with her to film it, but she had agreed to do it.” 

Jenelle and Kailyn

Yes, it seems we were very close to the long-anticipated Jenelle Evans Coffee Convos interview actually happening.

But MTV was basically a go-between in negotiations between two mob bosses, and in the end, these gangsters just couldn't come to an agreement.

“Jenelle only agreed once MTV got involved and wanted to film it,” the source said.

“Kail told crew members that Jenelle’s manager told her she’d have to apologize to Jenelle off-air, though, before Jenelle would come on [the podcast], and Kail refused.”

Jenelle Evans YouTube

So in a way -- for once -- Jenelle was telling the truth.

She just wasn't willing to momentarily swallow her pride to make the comeback happen.

Jenelle also claimed that MTV was planning to fire Jade Cline in order to bring her back on a full-time basis.

The Ashley's source says that's complete nonsense.

Jenelle Evans on Her Birthday

“That’s completely ridiculous,” one insider told the site.

“Now, maybe that’s what [the producers] were telling Jenelle but that was never going to happen. Jade’s story is so dramatic and interesting, and they had already been shooting Jade’s footage for the season," the source adds.

"There is no way they would waste budget money to send a crew and film Jade for the new season if there was any chance they would not be using her in the new season. None.”

“There has never been any talk about bumping Jade from the show,” another production source told The Ashley.

Jenelle in Nashville

“When [the producers] were talking to Jenelle when she was living alone in Nashville without David, they were not convinced that it was legit,” the source added.

“That’s why I believe the cellphone footage story is true, as they weren’t spending the money to send a crew down to film and risk running into David.” 

That's a refernece to Jenelle's claim that her producer asked her to shoot footage on her phone for use in the new season.

Basically, it sounds like Evans' former bosses offered her a number of options for making her way back onto TV, but Jenelle wasn't willing to compromise in the slightest.

That jibes with everything we know about reality TV's most infamous bridge-burner.

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