Jenelle Evans Speaks Out on Body-Shaming: Screw You, Haters! David Loves Me!

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Jenelle Evans has a lot of bad qualities.

We'd even go as far as to say that most of the qualities she possesses are bad.

If Teen Mom fans want to comment on her terrible taste in men, her questionable parenting choices, or really just every choice she ever makes, that's all fair.

But lately, a lot of people have been making a lot of comments about her recent weight gain.

And that's not so cool.

It's gotten so bad that Jenelle felt the need to make an official statement about it -- and it's clear that she's got some strong feelings on the matter.

1. What a Year

What a Year
Jenelle Evans is at a strange point in her life right now.

2. Choices

She's back with David Eason and she seems committed to making their marriage work after spending several months apart.

3. Awkward

She'd announced that she was divorcing him and she got a restraining order against him after claiming in court that he was abusive and she feared for her life, so being with him again after all of that ... it's got to be a weird situation, right?

4. What to Do?

What to Do?
She's also in the middle of trying to find herself a new career, now that it's pretty clear MTV has no interest in putting her back on Teen Mom 2.

5. Sorry, Girl

Sorry, Girl
She keeps teasing a new project that will be either on TV or online, she's been throwing out some YouTube videos, she's tried some new sponsorships -- she's got to be scrambling to find some steady income.

6. Think of the Children!

Think of the Children!
She's also got a gaggle of kids full-time right now during what Farrah Abraham has dubbed "coronavirus season."

7. So Many Things

So Many Things
All of that would be a lot for anyone to handle, let alone someone like Jenelle who has never had very good coping skills.

8. Fair

So yeah, it makes sense that she's gained some weight this year.

9. Just the Facts

Just the Facts
That's not us being rude or anything, either -- she's said herself that she has gained some weight recently.

10. Real Talk

Real Talk
And it's honestly not a big deal -- her body looks great!

11. Come On Now

Come On Now
If we lived in a perfect world, then people wouldn't get criticized or made fun of for their appearance at all, but since we live in this world, we'll just say that if you want to point out something negative about Jenelle Evans, there are many, many things you could mention besides her weight.

12. Ugh

But still, some people are being pretty nasty about it.

13. Smart Move

Smart Move
She's been limiting comments on her Instagram, so it's not as much of a mess as it could be, but you can still see people calling her a "fat POS" and the like.

14. Not Having It

Not Having It
And because of everything that's being said about her body these days, she felt the need to speak out about it.

15. Well

In a new interview with In Touch, Jenelle plainly said that “the haters’ opinions do not matter to me."

16. This Guy

This Guy
"People can be so mean sometimes," she continued, "but I really have no one to please but David."

17. Sure

“David accepts me no matter what my weight is.”

18. Something to Consider

Something to Consider
A lot of people actually think that David isn't so much accepting of her weight gain as he is trying to make her as insecure as possible -- encouraging weight gain is a common tactic in abusive relationships.

19. Hmmm

If someone is insecure and feels less attractive, then that person could develop the mindset of "I'm so lucky my partner still wants me, I can put up with his behavior because no one else will want me," that kind of thing.

20. Anyway

Not saying that that's what's happening here, just that that's a thing that happens. Of course all kinds of people find all kinds of bodies attractive, but mind games are wild.

21. Keeping It Coming

Keeping It Coming
In the interview, Jenelle gave a specific message to the people being critical of showing off her body with all those posts on Tik Tok: “You can’t stop me!”

22. Good?

But when it comes to her social media presence, she's been seeing more positives than negatives.

23. So Much Support

So Much Support
“I don’t try to read any comments after I make a post, but if I do I look at the replies I have a lot of supporters that stick up for me, and it makes me feel better,” she said.

24. A Role Model

A Role Model
She even said that “I have two fans that reached out to me asking how to gain weight because they’ve been trying to their entire life!”

25. Changing Routine

Changing Routine
About her new body, she said “I worked out for a few months and stopped.”

26. Yep

If you'll remember, when she first moved to Nashville back in the fall she frequently took selfies at the gym, so if she went for a few months then stopped, then she probably stopped going when she started talking to David again.

27. Do You, Girl

Do You, Girl
She also said that these days, “I just eat whatever I want."

28. Not Buying It

Not Buying It
It would be neat if she really did feel comfortable and secure with the weight gain, but considering how much she brings it up and just her whole personality, it seems unlikely.

29. Being the Bigger Person

Being the Bigger Person
Lots of people think that since she and David have made some pretty awful comments about other people's bodies (Kailyn Lowry specifically comes to mind) that she deserves any cruel comments she's getting, but two wrongs don't make a right.

30. Focusing on What's Important

Focusing on What's Important
Like we keep saying, there are plenty of bad things about Jenelle to talk about without stooping that low.

31. Yikes

And now that she's back with David ... well, the girl could probably use a little support.

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