Jenelle Evans: MTV Totally Wants Me Back But I'm DONE With Them, Dude!

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Jenelle Evans is finally free.

No, not from David Eason.

Sadly, she's still in the throes of that never-ending domestic drama, having moved back to North Carolina to resurrect her wildly unhealthy relationship.

The freedom that Jenelle is boasting about these days has to do with her contract with MTV.

Evans says she's no longer under contract with the network and is now free to work with other media outlets.

But she says it wasn't easy to gain her independence, as her former bosses made a last-ditch effort to lure her back in.

Take a look:

1. Free At Last

Free At Last
Jenelle Evans is no longer an MTV employee. The former reality star hinted this week that after a year of unemployment, her contract with the Viacom Corporation has expired.

2. Locked Down

Jenelle got fired from MTV back in April of 2018, but it seems her contract contained a non-compete clause that did not expire for a full year.

3. Standing By Her Man

Standing By Her Man
As you no doubt recall, Evans was let go by the network when she stood by her husband after David Eason shot and killed the family dog.

4. All Falls Down

All Falls Down
Jenelle not only helped David avoid prosecution for the crime, she refused to distance herself from her husband even when an ensuing CPS investigation cost her custody of her children.

5. Domino Effect

Domino Effect
MTV has taken a lot of flak over the years for putting up with bad behavior from its stars, but even its famously lenient execs drew the line with Jenelle.

6. The End of an Era

The End of an Era
After a decade on the air, Jenelle was fired from the network following the dog-killing/child abuse scandal.

7. On the Road

On the Road
It was only then that Jenelle took her kids and relocated to Nashville, ostensibly to get away from David. Many fans think that Evans made the move as a last-ditch effort to get her job back.

8. The More Things Change ...

The More Things Change ...
Whatever the case, Jenelle is still unemployed and still in a relationship with David. But at least one thing has changed in her life -- she's free of all connection to MTV.

9. Cryptic Comments

Cryptic Comments
At least that's what fans believe Jenelle was implying with her latest tweet.

10. Future Full of Freedom

Future Full of Freedom
"It feels so great to be in full control of your future without any restrictions," Evans recently tweeted.

11. The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit
The tweet comes on the heels of an interview in which Evans claimed that MTV was on the verge of re-hiring her.

12. Old Habits

Old Habits
“My old producer … would ask about updates [on] my life,” Jenelle told In Touch.

13. A Rekindled Partnership

A Rekindled Partnership
“[He wanted me] to even send him videos of my daily routines with the kids in Tennessee. I was told they were thinking about putting me back on," she added.

14. Ghosted

Evans claims, however, that once the producer learned of her reconciliation with David, he cut off all contact.

15. Home Again

Home Again
“After moving back … my old producer hasn’t really talked to me since,” she said, adding that she moved back to North Carolina because she couldn't “afford two places.”

16. A Trap of Her Own Making

A Trap of Her Own Making
We now know that Jenelle moved back home to get back together with David. And fans believe that as long as she's in a relationship with the man who abused her children, her claims of "freedom" are bogus.

17. An Accurate Assessment

"The only way you will ever be in full control of your future is to get rid of David FOR GOOD & get yourself into some intense therapy to deal with your codependent ways," one fan tweeted. "Seriously, you're the most out-of-control person I've ever come across."

18. Boom, Roasted

Boom, Roasted
"It actually feels so great to have a husband that actually works,takes care of me and our kids, has never abused anyone or anything, and that doesn’t control me," another added. "But your wouldn’t know anything about that sis."

19. Sad But True

Sad But True
"Yeah right not as long as that monster holds the threat over you and your kids," a third chimed in.

20. You Hate to See It

You Hate to See It
"Yeah except your husband controls your every move and he’ll most likely get you fired from any future projects you are a part of," wrote yet another follower.

21. Tough Times

Tough Times
Others pointed out that Jenelle is not free in another sense -- she's unemployed, and, by most accounts, completely broke.

22. Called Out

Called Out
"Not having a job seems like a restriction. Having a husband that is publicly known as an abusive animal murderer seems like another," one fan wrote.

23. Oh, The Accuracy

Oh, The Accuracy
"Translation: I'm unemployed and no one wants to hire me," another follower responded to Evans' tweet.

24. An Uncertain Future

An Uncertain Future
It's unclear what the future holds for Jenelle, but from a financial standpoint, she'll need to figure out something fast.

25. Full House

Full House
Combined, she and David have five children, and they have custody of three of them. That's a lot of mouths to feed.

26. Desperation

David hasn't worked in years, and Jenelle's business ventures (remember her cosmetics line?) have thus far fallen flat. Sounds like she better take advantage of that newfound professional freedom ASAP!

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